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Key Dates

Interview Dates

  • September 6-7, 2023
  • October 18-19, 2023
  • November 8-9, 2023
  • December 6-7, 2023
  • January 17-18, 2024
  • February 14-15, 2024 

Second Visit Date

March 2-4, 2023 (additional dates will be added)





Admissions Process

Admission to the program is a two-step process. Applicants must be US Citizens or permanent residents and should meet the minimum application requirements of the Heersink School of Medicine. 

The UAB Heersink SOM MSTP gives full consideration to all applicants for admission, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, veteran status, disability or genetic information.

  • Submit the AMCAS application

    The AMCAS is an application service run by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) through which prospective medical students apply to medical school in the United States. Click here for more information

    As an MD-PHD applicant, AMCAS provides two MD-PHD-specific essays: the MD-PHD Essay and the Significant Research Experience Essay.

    Submit application

  • Upload letters of recommendation

    Letters of recommendation must be sent to AMCAS through the AMCAS Letter Writer Application, Interfolio, mail or VirtualEvals. For your MD-PHD application, you will need the minimum number of medical school letters of recommendation and one letter from your research mentor.

    Learn more about letters of recommendation

  • MSTP initial review

    Throughout the application process, the MSTP Administrators will email applicants as their application status updates. The initial review allows us to determine if you meet the minimum standards set forth by the UAB MSTP Admissions Committee (MSTPAC). Once the initial review has completed, either you remain under consideration and are requested to complete the MSTP Secondary Application or your application will be given no further consideration with the option to move to MD-only.

  • MSTP secondary application

    The UAB MSTP Secondary Application allows you to provide details about future research focus, presentations, faculty interests, and updates to your application. Note that the secondary application requires you to submit a recent passport-sized photograph by .jpg file and an application fee. Once the UAB MSTP Secondary is submitted, then a second review of your application by the MSTPAC commences. Once completed, you will be invited to interview with the UAB MSTP or your application will be given no further consideration with the option to move to MD-only.

    Updates to your secondary application are recommended. You can upload new transcripts, publications, revised CVs, and so on through the UAB Secondary Application portal.

  • Schedule your interview

    For the 2023-202 admissions cycle, UAB Heersink SOM MSTP interviews have been moved to virtual. 

    Interviews are conducted over a 2-day period: Wednesday with the MSTP Admissions Committee and Thursday with the UAB Heersink School of Medicine 

    On Wednesday, the MSTP Admissions Committee will hold afternoon virtual interviews for selected MD-PHD applicants. On Thursday, you will commence with the UAB Heersink SOM Virtual Interview Process, which will include The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). 

    Interspersed across the two-day period are discussions with research faculty of your choosing. If you do not have any preferences we will choose faculty that intertwine with your research background or those that represent a good cross-section of the research at UAB.

    Learn more about UAB Heersink SOM interviews

  • Selection process

    The MSTPAC in mid-December and mid-February review all applicants that interviewed for the program. At that time, the committee selects the first and second group of candidates to be offered admission to the program.

    Once applicants have been notified about their acceptance into the program, they will be invited back for an optional second visit in March 2022.

    The second-visit to UAB gives applicants a much more in-depth understanding of UAB and the Birmingham area. Applicants will meet with multiple faculty members to discuss research interests and options for summer research rotations, as well as meet with various UAB Heersink SOM Deans and UAB Graduate School Deans throughout the visit. Applicants will also have the opportunity to see various housing options and neighborhoods in the Birmingham area.

  • Applicant Decision Process

    Beginning February 2020, applicants holding one or more acceptance offers can select “Plan to Enroll” in the AMCAS application. Before April 30th, in alignment with the applicant protocols, making this selection allows schools to view in aggregate the number of applicants that selected “Plan to Enroll” for their schools.

    Until April 30th, applicants can, at the time they make this selection, continue to hold other acceptances, remain on alternate lists, and continue to interview at other schools. Beginning April 30th, accepted applicants will have two options to select: “Plan to Enroll” and “Commit to Enroll.” Selecting “Commit to Enroll” indicates that the applicant has made a final selection and withdrawn all other applications.

    timeline what applicants and medical schools can do and when


Class Profiles

 Applied 277 268 207 265 281 300 239 240 275
 Interviewed 42 43 47 48 48 48 43 48 58
 Offered 23 24 26 21 19 18 25 28 27
 Accepted 7 7 8 8 9 8 8 10 10
     MCAT Score 35 32 33 512 508 512 510 515 513
     GPA 3.87 3.59 3.68 3.80 3.62 3.82 3.74 3.89 3.77
     Male 5 4 6 4 5 5 3 4 5
     Female 2 3 2 4 4 3 5 6 5