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A big city, with a small town feel

Birmingham offers the advantages of a big city without being overwhelming. Our city is a major hub of business, technolgy, and medicine, but it's also packed with parks and green space, and in minutes you can get away from it all and lose yourself in nature. Revitilization projects continue to turn old buildings and neighborhoods into something new, embracing the city's history while looking toward the future. There are fantastic restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and food trucks everywhere you turn, and Birmingham has become a food destination of national acclaim. And to top it all off, our city is full of friendly people who extol Southern hopsitality.

We aren’t looking at Alabama’s biggest city through rose-colored glasses. Birmingham has arrived. Again. It’s a destination—for historic architecture, old theaters, James Beard award-winning Southern food.

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  • 800 total medical students
  • 440 graduate biomedical sciences students
  • 20,902 total students enrolled at UAB
  • 3rd largest hospital in America

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