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Research Rotation and Mentor Selection Forms

MSTP students are required to complete three separate research rotations with three different mentors prior to selecting a mentor for their doctoral dissertation.  The reseach projects are chosen by the student and are based on the student's area of interest and information provided by each faculty on their research program.  After the completion of their rotations, students must select a thesis mentor for their dissertation research by the summer after the MS-II year and submit the MSTP Thesis Mentor Selection Form and MSTP Research Commitment Statement to the MSTP Program Director for approval.



Graduate Committee Selection, Committee Meeting Evaluation, and Admission to Candidacy Forms

MSTP students should attempt to have their dissertation committee established by spring term of their GS1 year. The Graduate Study Committee form must be completed, signed by the Theme Director or Co-Director, and submitted to the MSTP Office for processing. A list of faculty associated with your committee needs to be submitted to the MSTP (mstp@uab.edu) by December of your GS1 year. 

MSTP students are required to have two committee meetings per year throughout their tenure in the lab (i.e., once every 6 months). The listed forms (MSTP Student, PhD Mentor, MSTP Advisor) must be returned to the MSTP Program Manager within 2 weeks of each thesis committee meeting. 

MSTP students will be admitted to candidacy once they have past their required qualifying exam. This form should be signed the same day of the oral section of the qualifier and submitted to the MSTP Office for processing. If you are a GBS Student, please visit the guidelines for the Qualifying Exam and Admission to Candidacy. For Department-based students, please check with the MSTP and your Program Manager for specifics. 



Doctoral Graduation and Returning to Clinic Forms

Students must be completely finished with all PhD degree requirements prior to beginning any clinical clerkships.  In general, this means the PhD dissertation must be completed and successfully defended per the Graduate School guidelines. Your application for degree must be submitted to the Graduate School before the current semester deadline. 

Given the desire for students to begin the clinical phase in a timely fashion after completing the Dissertation and the logistical issues involved in scheduling specific clerkships with the Medical School Registrar, specific plans concerning the start date in clinical rotations need to be made prior to the actual completion of the PhD.  Because this transition involves key changes in the financial responsibility for the student stipend and tuition payments, Medical or Graduate School, it is imperative that the MSTP office has documentation of the effective date of this transition.



Physician Scientist Research Elective 

The Physician Scientist Research Elective is in place for those who are in need of a research elective that fits within their interest in academic medicine. To register for this course, approval must be received from the Associate Dean for Physician Scientist Development and the coursemaster. Learning Objectives: The student should learn the knowledge to identify a suitable biomedical research questions, formulate a hypothesis, design a suitable experimental procedure, obtain data, and properly analyze it.



Other Forms: 

Extracurricular Activities in Addition to MSTP Appointment
There are times when MSTP students can participate in extracurricular activities outside of their MSTP pre-doctoral trainee appointment. Prior approval must be sought from the MSTP Director before you agree to participate. 


Parental Leave 
Parental Leave of Absence with pay is approved for 30 consecutive days per calendar year upon the birth or adoption of a child. After 30 consecutive days, you will be moved to unpaid status until your return to the MD/PHD Program. The Parental Leave form must be completed and approved by the MSTP Director prior to the birth of the child or finalization of the adoption.


Travel Information Form 
To be compliant with FLSA and NIH standards, all students are required to complete the MSTP Travel Information Form. It is the responsibility of the student to seek approval from the Course Director(s), Thesis Mentor, and MSTP Office well in advance of travel to ensure that the time away does not interfere with mandatory course work or laboratory duties.

Personal days should not exceed more than 15 calendar days per year and must be approved prior to any travel plans. UAB Designated Holidays do not apply to total number of personal days. Click here for observed UAB Holidays 

UAB-Related International Travel Registration can be found at https://www.uab.edu/compliance/areas-of-focus/international-travel. This form is required for all students who plan to attend a conference outside of the United States.