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DEv Core
The Resource Development Core objective is to incubate novel and strategic approaches to continuously support AKI research in the O’Brien Kidney Consortium.

(1) Develop an incubator for novel technologies to support pre-clinical research in AKI
(1a) Develop tools for the examination of the disturbed distribution of small molecules and peptides in AKI.
(1b) Develop molecular and functional kidney-specific imaging and image-analysis approaches in pre-clinical AKI. 

(2) Develop an incubator for digital workspace technologies to support EHR data analyses in AKI
(2a) Develop enhancements in existing collaborative digital workspaces to support multi-institutional big EHR data management and harmonization.
(2b) Develop a novel federated learning platform to evaluate Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tools leveraging EHR data from UAB, UCSD and the O’Brien Kidney Consortium.

In the pre-clinical area, novel analytical approaches in metabolomics as well as functional in vivo imaging will be incubated to probe unique biological characteristics of disease development. 
In the clinical area, digital workspaces for data harmonization and federated learning using Electronic Health Record (EHR) data will be further developed.