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Healthcare Leadership Academy

The purpose of the HLA is to establish a cohesive and comprehensive program that offers training opportunities and development of essential skills for leaders in the 21st century academic health center. In part, this is accomplished by providing present and future leaders with a broader understanding of the responsibilities of leaders, new perspective on critical leadership and managerial issues they will face, and a deeper understanding and awareness of concepts and techniques relevant to management.

OFD Leadership Development Series

The Office of Faculty Development presents quarterly lectures, seminars and workshops to provide resources and training which address fundamental topics faced by all future faculty leaders. Presentations will teach methods to lead collaborative teams, motivation techniques, and goal setting for teams. Ongoing programs presented will be based on requests and feedback received from our pediatric faculty.

Mentoring & Leadership Graduate Certificate

Offered by UAB, the graduate certificate in Mentoring & Leadership provides instructional delivery in face-to-face and online options. Students must satisfactorally complete a total of 15 credit hours to receive a level-A certificate and credit on their transcripts.
For details, contact Dr. Kellie R. Carter, kcarter@uab.edu, Director of Educational Services, UAB Graduate School.

Executive Coaching Programs

The OFD has access to outstanding and proven Executive Coaches. If you are interested in receiving Executive Coaching, please contact the us at OFD@peds.uab.edu

Coaching Circles

By application only:
Through partnership with the UAB Office of Learning and Development (L&D), the Department sponsors an annual Coaching Circles Program for DOP faculty. The program provides 6 months of facilitated group coaching sessions for 12 – 15 participants. Participating faculty have the opportunity to complete a series of self-assessments such as the DiSC assessment and a 360-degree assessment. Following a series of group consultations with an executive coach, individual group members decide upon a focus area of growth, and are assigned to a small group of other DOP faculty members who have shared goals. These groups then meet monthly for facilitated group coaching sessions led by trained executive coaches from L&D.

UAB Blaze Leadership Academy

American Association for Physician Leadership


Momentum is Alabama’s premier women’s leadership program which empowers a diverse group of promising women to develop leadership skills that positively impact business, culture and politics in Alabama.

Faculty Scholars in Leadership and Culturally Responsive and Family Centered Care Program

This course is Not Offered at present, if interested contact the Office of Faculty Development
By application only:

Sponsored by funding from the DOP, the goal of the Faculty Scholars Program is to strengthen our cadre of teaching faculty and support the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative curricula designed to improve pediatric graduate medical education while integrating leadership and training in culturally competent and family-centered care.  This type of training is critical to being responsive to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) directives to train residents and fellows to provide high quality care to an increasingly diverse population.