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What is the point of the personal statement?

You should possess the capability to express your reasons for choosing a career in medicine. This serves as a criterion to determine your eligibility for the course, while also functioning as a self-assessment tool. It allows you to observe your perception of medicine both before and after completing the course.

Who should I ask to write my letter of rec?

A professor or mentor who can attest to your academic performance and your aspiration to pursue a career in medicine.

What are the expectations of the course?

You are required to attend and actively engage in the weekly panels, dedicate a minimum of 15 hours to shadowing, submit reflections on your shadowing experiences for all the hours completed, and finalize by preparing and presenting a poster related to your chosen specialty.

What should I expect to take from this course?

You will gain an unfiltered perspective of different specialties in the medical field. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to build connections with medical professionals whom you can potentially shadow in the future.

Who is the class designed for?

Sophomores and Juniors who hold an interest in pursuing careers in medicine are encouraged to participate. While Seniors are also invited to apply, the course is particularly beneficial for those looking to engage before embarking on the medical school application process.