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The course requires healthcare shadowing activities. As such, all potential students need to be prepared to complete HIPAA training, provide documentation of prior vaccinations, and will need to complete additional health screening measures (includes up to date flu shot, COVID Vaccination, and TB screening). To facilitate shadowing opportunities during the semester, students should do their best to protect a couple blocks of time, although the class also provides shadowing opportunities on nights and weekends.

For more information about the requirements for shadowing, please visit the Clinical Observing Request website. 

SignUpGenius: An online tool used to schedule and sign-up for events. SignUpGenius allows students to see shadowing availability and add sign-ups to their calendars, and the following opportunities are always available:


Medical Intensive Care Unit: you will be partnered with a night shift nurse, listen to day shift report, and then follow the nurse for the evening.

Emergency Department

Allows you to spend time with MDs and NPs while they evaluate, treat, and admit patients at UAB Highlands.


Outpatient Neurology shadowing allows you to see a wide range of patients, as well as varying neurological tests and exams. 


Large inpatient medicine service; spend time with NPs and MDs admitting and managing a broad array of patients.


Inpatient pediatrics allows you to see a range of ages and illnesses/injuries. You will round with the team of doctors and get to see patients, as well as watch how certain diagnoses are made.


Inpatient Radiology:You will get the chance to watch how radiologists evaluate different scans, as well as procedures like fluoroscopy studies or barium swallows.

Interventional Radiology: You will observe outpatient procedures such as port placements.

Emergency Department Radiology: Similar to the inpatient radiology exposure, but exclusively studies samples obtained in the ER and deal with high acuity cases.

Primary Care

Outpatient primary care visits with an Internal Medicine trained physician.

HIV Primary Care

Management of HIV care and general medical issues with Dr. Erdmann.

Surgical ICU

The ICU gives you a great glimpse into the collaborative world of medicine. You will see the intersection of care between the surgical and ICU care teams, and hopefully gain a better understanding of the many roles that play a part in successful patient care.

Vascular Surgery

High-volume operative service consisting of both open and endovascular surgery.

Trauma Bay

Time spent in the trauma bay will be filled with many diverse patient populations, injuries, and illnesses. You’ll never know what may or may not come through the doors! Aim for this experience to be 4th or 5th on your list. Make sure you enjoy the fast-paced nature of emergency medicine before diving in headfirst. 

Our team has the capability to connect you with a wide range of specialties. Here are some examples of specialties outside of the standing availabilities that students have had the opportunity to shadow: