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230 Team

From left: Kalin Wallis (undergraduate TA), Skye Opsteen (graduate TA), Kyle Landers (graduate TA), Isabella Cheatwood (undergraduate TA), Megyn Mielke (PSDO program coordinator), Dr. Nathan Erdmann (Professor and associate clinical director for PSDO)

Nathaniel Erdmann, Course Director

Nathaniel Erdmann, Course Director
Associate Professor
Associate Clinical Director for PSDO
Med-Infectious Diseases

Dr. Erdmann is an Associate Professor of Medicine, in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. He is the medical director of the Dewberry 1917 HIV Clinic and the Clinical Associate Director of the PSDO. His patient duties include inpatient transplant, infectious disease consults, and his outpatient HIV clinic. He also runs a laboratory focused on viral immunology.  Dr. Erdmann developed the Physician Experience Program in response to working with undergraduates referred to him by Mrs. Dr. E in the Chemistry Department. The goal was to provide an in-depth look at the good, bad and ugly of clinical medicine and becoming a physician. 

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Megyn Mielke, Program Coordinator
Physician Scientist Development Office | Heersink School of Medicine

I am a Program Coordinator for the Physician Scientist Development Office (PSDO). This will be my second semester with the PSDO 230 course. I also run Scholarly Activity in the HSOM, assist in grant-writing, work in the Poster Printing Service Center, and whatever else the PSDO needs me to do! I am here to facilitate with administrative tasks: if you need help with paperwork, technology, clarification, or if you don’t know who to ask about something, let me know!

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Skye Opsteen, TA

Skye Opsteen, TA
MD/PhD Trainee (GS1)
Erdmann & Goepfert labs | GBS Immunology
Medical Scientist (MD/PhD) Training Program

Hi, my name is Skye Opsteen, and I am a first-year graduate student in UAB's MD/PhD program. I will be completing my PhD under Drs. Nathan Erdmann and Paul Goepfert; my project focuses on studying the immune response during long COVID in people with HIV. My current career goal is to specialize in Infectious Diseases and to one day have my own independent research lab. I first met Dr. Erdmann as a student in the inaugural PSDO 230 class, and then continued to interact with him after he joined my undergraduate thesis committee. These initial interactions are part of what led me to join the Erdmann lab for a one-year research stint through the CCTS TL1 program, which has since evolved into me applying as an advance transfer to the MD/PhD program. Since joining Dr. Erdmann's lab, I have assisted with PSDO 230 as a graduate TA. My role is to provide you all with an in-depth, realistic perspective of what it means to be a medical/graduate student, as well as to provide advice along the application cycle (i.e., personal statements, secondaries, interviews, etc.). 

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Kyle Landers, TA

Kyle Landers, TA
GS-1 | MD/PhD Trainee
Erdmann Lab | Harrod Lab
NIH Medical Scientist Training Program

Hello my name is Kyle Landers and I am entering my first year of graduate school and third year in the UAB MD/PhD program. I plan on obtaining my PhD in immunology with Dr. Erdmann and Dr. Kevin Harrod as my mentors. My overall goal is to be an infectious diseases physician scientist.

I did my undergrad here at UAB and graduated in 2020 with a bachelors in biochemistry. Through the chemistry department I met Mrs. Dr. Erdmann, who connected me to Mr. Dr. Erdmann and became a long-term mentor. My junior year, Dr. Erdmann invited me to participate in PSDO 230 and it was so incredibly impactful for my career development that I want to help run the course as a graduate school TA now.

As a graduate TA, I hope to provide some insight on why I chose my path, my experience with PSDO 230, with the application process, my recent experience with medical school and where I currently am. 

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Kalin Wallis, TA

Kalin Wallis, TA
College of Arts and Science | Immunology
University Honors Program

Hello! My name is Kalin Wallis. I am a senior majoring in Immunology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. I found out about PSDO via word of mouth, but got increasingly excited the more I learned about it. I completed PSDO 230 last spring and have been brought on to help the program as an undergraduate or junior TA. My goal in being involved with this class is to help answer questions as I can, facilitate conversation between students, and create a fun and welcoming environment for everyone! I truly believe in this program and its capacity to prepare students so well for understanding what a career in medicine looks like. It was created to give you many contacts and resources that have proven to be invaluable to me and my medical school application process. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or conversation topics. I am truly here to help as much as I can in any capacity. I am looking forward to having a really great semester!

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Isabella Cheatwood, TA

Isabella Cheatwood, TA
College of Arts and Science | Immunology
UAB Honors College

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella Cheatwood, and I'm currently a junior at UAB pursuing a degree in Immunology. As an undergraduate TA for the PSDO230 course, I'm excited to assist you all. I took PSDO2023 in Fall 2022, its first offering post-pandemic. There was so much I had yet to learn about the medical field. This experience proved incredibly eye-opening, and I'm confident you'll share in that sentiment. In fact, I was so captivated by the course that I approached Dr. Erdmann and expressed my interest in joining the team.

Embrace the notion that your preconceptions about medicine might evolve. This class offers a sneak peek into the physician's experience before you embark on the challenging path of applying to medical school – an experience most students only encounter once they're already there.

Regarding medical specialties, I'm currently uncertain about my ideal path. My current inclination is towards internal medicine, possibly followed by specialization. ID has caught my interest, but don’t tell Dr. Erdmann I said that!

My advice? Seize every opportunity this class offers. Participate in panels, explore areas of interest-even those you're unsure about. Take moments to reflect on your experiences. You're surrounded by mentors whose wisdom is priceless—make the most of it.

If you're seeking guidance in your pre-med pursuits, don't hesitate to reach out. Additionally, I'm eager to hear your thoughts on the course structure so we can enhance it for future students. I’m looking forward to a rewarding learning experience together!

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