community partners

“The Academy of Health Sciences program at Carver High School has found a great partnership with the UAB School of Medicine students. The students who come through the AOHS Volunteer Program as tutors and mentors bring energy and a vision for our students of what they can achieve in the future. Of course, it’s a lot of fun for the medical students, too! I see them enjoying time spent with our youth while applying knowledge learned in medical school courses and skills in setting and achieving goals.” - Kristie Williams

UAB School of Medicine seeks to work with community partners—whether nonprofit or governmental—both to address community-identified needs and also to provide a training opportunity for our students. We appreciate your input, therefore, on how medical students might best assist your organization and clients.

  • What is the unmet need?

  • How could a medical student best assist? What tangible skills can they provide?

  • When can we best partner with you?

We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us!

Please keep in mind that the medical school curriculum operates in modules, with students studying a specific topic (e.g., pulmonary) over the course of a few weeks, so flexibility in scheduling the hands-on service activity is very helpful. In addition, projects tend to occur one-time, rather than recurring activities over a longer period of time. We are seeking partners that can provide a venue for our students to work with your clients through several courses over time, therefore, so that we can better develop relationships with you and your clients.