Dr. Selwyn M. Vickers

Senior Vice President of Medicine, UAB
Dean, UAB School of Medicine

Areas of Interest
gastrointestinal surgery, pancreatic cancer, hepatobiliary tumors, health dispartities, hernia surgery



Selwyn M. Vickers, M.D., became senior vice president for Medicine and dean of the School of Medicine at UAB on Oct. 15, 2013. Dr. Vickers, a member of the Institute of Medicine, is a world-renowned surgeon, pancreatic cancer researcher, pioneer in health disparities research and a native of Alabama.

As dean, Dr. Vickers leads the medical school’s main campus in Birmingham and the regional campuses in Montgomery, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. He also is part of UAB Medicine’s joint operational leadership (JOL) team with UAB Health System Chief Executive Officer Will Ferniany, Ph.D., and James Bonner, M.D., president of the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, the School of Medicine faculty-physician practice group. The JOL steers operations and finances for all UAB Hospital and ambulatory medical services, including The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital and the UAB Callahan Eye Hospital.

Dr. Vickers continues to see patients and conduct research. His major research interests include gene therapy as an application in the treatment of pancreatobiliary tumors, the role of growth factors and receptors in the oncogenesis of pancreatic cancer, the implications of FAS expressions and Tamoxifen in the growth and treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, assessment of clinical outcomes in the surgical treatment of pancreatobiliary tumors and the role of death receptors in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

While at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Vickers’ lab was instrumental in the development of an injectable cancer drug, Minnelide, which entered phase 1 testing in September 2013. Dr. Vickers has a financial interest in the pharmaceutical company licensed to develop the drug, Minneamrita Therapeutics LLC.


Medical School
Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University
Surgical Internship

Johns Hopkins University
General Surgery Residency

Johns Hopkins University


Campus Address
FOT 1203