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The 16th Annual No-Show Ball

Special thanks to VULCAN MATERIALS COMPANY for your support as our 2023 presenting sponsor!


The Board of Visitors (BOV) and Junior Board of Visitors (JBOV) are raising money to support the School’s Women and Children Health Initiative, also known as WACHI. A key strategy for addressing poor maternal/child health outcomes in Alabama, WACHI brings together the School’s collective efforts to care for women and children and includes successful programs such as:

  • The WellHouse Clinical Partnership–providing trauma-informed care for survivors of human trafficking—and The Partnership Against Interpersonal Violence–a new collaboration with UAB Hospital to identify and help victims of violence when they seek health care.
  • Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)–caring for vulnerable pregnant moms and staying by their side until their babies are two years old. NFP is currently in six counties with plans to expand across the state. The goal is to reach 23 counties by 2026.
  • i3 Academy–reaching vulnerable children and their parents through nurse practitioner-led health education and coaching in school settings.
  • The relaunched Master of Science in Nursing Nurse Midwifery Pathway–which admitted its first cohort in Fall 2022
NFP home visit


On behalf of the Junior Board and the hundreds of mothers and babies across Alabama who will benefit from your generosity, thank you for supporting No-Show Ball 2023. This marks our 16th year of hosting No-Show Ball and over the years your support has helped educate and prepare nurses to provide compassionate and specialized care to mothers, babies, and children.

Alabama has received the failing grade of “F” from the March of Dimes and ranks at the bottom in the U.S. for mother and child health due to factors like high maternal and infant death rates and high preterm birth rates – rates that are similar to countries like Egypt. More than 70% of these deaths are preventable through essential pre- and post-natal care, which is not readily available in every Alabama county. The Junior Board is passionate about increasing access to this important care for Alabama’s most at-risk mothers and babies.

Through your support of No-Show Ball, you are helping to save the lives of these vulnerable pregnant women and newborn infants across our state. Together, we are helping the UAB School of Nursing expand effective services like Nurse-Family Partnership and build a highly-educated nursing workforce – including nurse midwives –to increase access to pre- and postnatal care for women and babies across our state.

Thank you for your support of No-Show Ball! Because of you, more Alabama mothers will live to see their children grow up and experience life, and more babies will be born healthy and will begin life nurtured in their mother’s loving arms. We hope you enjoy your meal and have a wonderful evening staying in!

Photo of Fay B. Ireland

No-Show Ball 2023 honored the Fay B. Ireland family for their dedication and support for more than 30 years.

The UAB School of Nursing Junior Board of Visitors would like to thank the following generous community partners:

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