Item Writing & Test Analysis - 10/28/2022Item Writing & Test Analysis - 10/28/2022
Basic Debriefing for Nurse EducatorsBasic Debriefing for Nurse Educators
Population HealthPopulation Health
Office Gynecology Training for Primary Care ProvidersOffice Gynecology Training for Primary Care Providers

  • “Instructor [was] very well educated on [the] topic and gave great feedback.”
    Excellence in Teaching Nursing with Simulation 2022
  • “Great to see what other universities are doing and to share ideas.”
    Nurse-Family Partnership
    Virtual Summit 2022
  • “…a lot of great verbiage was communicated that I plan to use when pre-briefing my students.”
    Best Practice in Pre-briefing for Nurse Educators 2022
  • “This was excellent! I really enjoyed learning from you.”
    Mastery Learning Goes Hand-in-Hand with Competency-based Curriculum
    Mini-Conference 2022
  • “I am looking forward to invites to all upcoming conferences... Dr. Shirey was an outstanding speaker.”
    Leadership Conference: Forging Ahead to Create a Portrait for Success 2022
  • “Practice questions & application assignments were helpful; great content; I really enjoyed it!”
    Ready, Set, Certify!
    Mini-Conference 2022
  • “I learned more about how to do some edits with modules that I wasn't aware of before.”
    Virtual Coffee in the Collaboratory Series 2022
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and will start using this knowledge and skills in my course's next simulation. Thank you!”
    Basic Debriefing for Nurse Educators
    Virtual Mini-Conference 2022



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