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Basic Debriefing for Nurse Educators - 7/27/2022Basic Debriefing for Nurse Educators - 7/27/2022
Simulation Intensive - 8/3-5/2022Simulation Intensive - 8/3-5/2022
Item Writing & Test Analysis - 10/28/2022Item Writing & Test Analysis - 10/28/2022
AHA Training CenterAHA Training Center


  • “Enjoyed this lecture and format; very organized and had a lot of good information.”

    Resilience & Coping Strategies for Healthcare Providers
    Virtual Mini-Conference 2021
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and will start using this knowledge and skills in my course's next simulation. Thank you!”

    Basic Debriefing for Nurse Educators
    Virtual Mini-Conference 2022
  • “Great learning opportunity for improving student engagement.”

    Coffee in the Virtual Collaboratory 2021
  • “Practice questions & application assignments were helpful; great content; I really enjoyed it!”

    Ready, Set, Certify!
    Mini-Conference 2022
  • “Excellent preparation for the CNE exam. Dr. Crooks did a great job facilitating the review.”

    Certified Nurse Educator Review
    Virtual Mini-Conference 2021
  • “The presentation is very helpful in light of faculty having to deal with the impact of COVID on work, home life and colleagues.”

    Resiliency Strategies Building for Nurse Faculty via the Community Resiliency Model (CRM)TM
    Virtual Mini-Conference 2021
  • “Great mini-con! Continue to offer as I will most definitely recommend.”

    Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Urinary Incontinence
    Mini-Conference 2021
  • “This was excellent! I really enjoyed learning from you.”

    Mastery Learning Goes Hand-in-Hand with Competency-based Curriculum
    Mini-Conference 2022
  • “Great to see what other universities are doing and to share ideas.”

    Nurse-Family Partnership
    Virtual Summit 2022



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