Faculty elects new senators, officers

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Hearld Sloane INSIDERia Hearld, Ph.D., will become chair of the faculty, and Mike Sloane, Ph.D., will become chair-elect when the new offices are installed for the term beginning Sept. 1.Chair-elect Kristine Ria Hearld, Ph.D., will succeed Jamey Worrell, Ph.D., as chair of the UAB Faculty Senate when the new officers are installed Sept. 1. Mike Sloane, Ph.D., will become chair-elect, and Claudio Busettini, Ph.D., DrEng., will be associate chair of the senate based on results of the elections that ended May 8.

A roster of all members of the faculty senate for the term Sept. 1-Aug. 31, 2020, is online.  The list is organized by educational unit and includes 36 senators and 36 alternates in addition to the executive committee.

Hearld, an assistant professor in the UAB Department of Health Services Administration, began her senate service in 2014. She was associate chair of the Faculty Senate from 2015 to 2018 before becoming chair-elect.

Sloane is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology, who now represents the College of Arts and Sciences as a senator and liaison.

Busettini, an associate professor in the School of Optometry and co-director of the Vestibular-Oculomotor Research Clinic, will continue in his role as associate chair.

Worrell, an associate professor of accounting in the Collat School of Business, will serve in roles reserved for the past-chair of the senate. 

Senators for the 2019-20 academic year

Faculty are elected to serve staggered two-year terms; names in bold are the newly representatives who will begin their term of service Sept. 1. The full roster of that membership is online.

  • Arts & Sciences: Erika Hille Rinker, Karolina Mukhtar, Jeanne Hutchison, Stephen “Steve” Miller and Chris Biga

  • Business: Arline Savage and John Hansen

  • Dentistry: Edward “Ed” Bradford and Ejvis Lamani

  • Education: Kelly Hill and Laura Forbes

  • Engineering: Lee Moradi

  • Health Professions: Haiyan Qu, Tapan Shirish Mehta and Justin Goebel

  • Joint Health Sciences: Igor Chesnokov, Yabing Chen, Elizabeth Sztul, Zdenek Hel and Allan Zajac

  • Libraries: Megan Bell and Emma O’Hagan

  • Medicine: Dennis Nichols Stanley, Nabiha Yusuf, William Potter, Michael Stalvey, Kirk Habegger and Khurram Bashir

  • Nursing: Leigh Ann Bray, Loretta T Lee  and Karmie Johnson

  • Optometry: Felton Perry and Keshia Elder

  • Public Health: Susan Davies and Jeff Szychowski