Matt Windsor

Matt Windsor

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U-BDS specializes in analyzing genomic and transcriptomic data, creating data pipelines, and keeping up with the latest methods and algorithms required for cutting-edge research.

The final report from UAB’s engagement with Huron Consulting and Urban Impact Advisors recommended forming six working groups to enable the goals of the Research Strategic Initiative: Growth with Purpose. In collaboration with the UAB deans and the chair of the Faculty Senate, the Executive Steering Committee has identified two co-chairs to lead each working group.
“De-stressing” agents are in everything from cold-brew coffee to supplements. A UAB-trained dietitian explains what adaptogens are and we highlight a preclinical UAB study in breast cancer models.

The facility, one of 15 shared resource labs at UAB and among the busiest, is one of a handful of leading labs to be recognized by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry, or ISAC.

Brandon Blankenship, J.D., teaching assistant professor and director of the Pre-Law Program in the J. Frank Barefield, Jr. Department of Criminal Justice, shares interactive exercises he uses in the classroom, and how he is using AI in a project to identify suspected bias in judicial decision-making.
Jonan Phillip Donaldson, Ph.D., who directs UAB’s fully online master’s program in instructional design and development, shares activities that students love.
Find out how this confidential information can help you in the event of an illness, hospitalization or other emergency situation.
Amber Wagner, Ph.D., says AI tools are allowing her to accelerate student learning and can help future programmers keep pace with the constant change that has always been part of the profession.

“Using AI in the Classroom” workshops at the Center for Teaching and Learning are drawing lots of attention from faculty. CTL Director Amy Chatham, Ph.D., explains why and shares tips on a helpful new book and getting the most out of generative AI.

Zhen Cong, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the School of Public Health, shares her work on disaster preparedness of older adults and why she wants all Blazers to take part in the initiative’s work.
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