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English Instructor Jessica Smith wrote the book of poetry as she was leaving a job, helping a student learn to trust again, and discovering a new skill.  

“Ernestine’s Milky Way”, set in the early 1940s, tells the story of a determined 5-year-old girl who sets off on a journey to deliver two Mason jars of milk to her neighbors in the holler.

By creating online assets in Canvas, using rental textbooks or older editions and seeking out free online resources, 17 UAB faculty, powered by AIM grants, have saved students more than $1.1 million on instructional materials.

Learn what UAB graduate students and postdocs are uncovering in their research during five events this spring.

The Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority now will have a UAB-developed, zero-emissions bus in its downtown MAX fleet, and the city is home to the only hydrogen-fuel-cell bus and fueling station in the Southeast.

Jack became dean of the School of Business in April 2013.
Students can review their degree progress online, see remaining coursework if they change majors and utilize GPA calculators

Barnes’ expertise in mass spectrometry and soy has ­had a lasting effect nationally, internationally and with students

Philosophy professor Greg Pence argues that careful, ethical people can use scientific advances to improve their fates

UAB will promote teaching skills and showcase research findings in medical education during Medical Education Week Sept. 24-28

One of the nation’s most respected programs will benefit from the synergy and expertise of Nursing’s advanced-practice faculty

Engineering senior design students have contributed devices to aid those with cerebral palsy, autism and other disabilities under his guidance

Two new undergraduate Public Health courses focus on environmental exposures and their impact on human health.

Neuroscience graduate students began its Brain Awareness Week outreach three years ago, and the activities continues to grow.

UAB is Alabama’s first university to employ the total TAH license giving unlimited use of MATLAB in both teaching and research activities.
If social media devices are sufficient to fuel a small insurrection and resurrect the career of an elderly Hollywood actress, surely they can advance business goals.
The UAB Master of Engineering degree track in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (ASEM) will be offered online; its curriculum is based in experiential learning and peer-to-peer interaction.
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