Haley Herfurth

Haley Herfurth

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As ultrasound technology becomes more prevalent and useful for patient care, UAB faculty and clinicians are teaching a new generation of caregivers about its use.

Faculty got creative with course materials, and both the course and students benefitted. New grants to develop affordable instructional materials will accelerate those savings.

Adopt an angel from the Angel Tree or donate to Toys for Tots to help underprivileged families celebrate the holidays.

Beginning Nov. 13, vending machines in campus buildings not affiliated with UAB Hospital will switch to Pepsi products provided by Birmingham-based Buffalo Rock Co., and machines in hospital-affiliated buildings will begin serving Coca-Cola products.

retro art streamCheck the UAB Reporter the first and third Monday of each month for a unique photo from the UAB Archives.

When citizens forsake logic and rely only on personality and emotion, Western society risks violence, unchecked libel and corrupted elections, says English Professor Bruce McComiskey in his new book, “Post-Truth Rhetoric and Composition.”

Think the walking dead are just a pop culture phenomenon? Read through tales from medieval Europe to see some centuries-old takes on the ghostly undead.

UAB was named a 2017 recipient of the Colleges and Institutions Committed to Diversity Award and Michelle Robinson, DMD, was recognized as a 2017 National Role Model, both by Minority Access Inc.

The parking gates will be raised at the Sixth Avenue Parking Deck on these days to accommodate employees who normally park in remote lots and ride the bus or van.

The Computer Science department was formed two years before UAB was designated as an autonomous university and degrees in computer science existed.
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