Horton keeps residency tours entertaining

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Yolanda Horton sizedKnowing that a bus tour can be boring, Yolanda Horton, administrative associate in the Department of Medicine, uses her wit and big personality to entertain potential internal medicine residents as the bus moves through campus and the city.

“She turned the bus tour, a potentially boring experience, into one of the few things that I actually recall from interview day,” said Shammah Williams, M.D., a resident in internal medicine. “Through humor, she effectively captivated my attention and left me wanting to know more about this place called UAB and the city of Birmingham.”

Horton organizes the tour for potential residents to give them a better feel for the campus and for Birmingham. “I get emails from applicants about how much they enjoyed the bus tour, and how Yolanda was an important part of their interest in UAB for residency,” said Lisa Willett, M.D., associate professor of internal medicine.

For her administrative work and commitment to the program, Horton has been named Employee of the Month for September. Horton, who began working at UAB as a college work-study student, has worked with the internal medicine residency program for 19 years.

“During my many years here at UAB, I have gotten to know and interact with so many individuals across campus, and this is something that I thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to do,” Horton said. “I sometimes feel as if I know or have dealt with every individual on this campus in some way, form or fashion.”

Each month, UAB recognizes an outstanding employee for their dedication, hard work and contributions to the university’s success. If you know of a great employee, you can learn how to nominate them for this recognition at uab.edu/humanresources.

Horton’s co-workers say she is efficient in organizing meetings and goes the extra mile to learn new ways to perform tasks.

“She says yes to everything we ask her to do; never once has she said, ‘It’s not my job,’” Willett said. “She goes above and beyond to help with whatever our office and residents need.”

It’s easy, Horton said, to come to work and stay motivated when you have great co-workers.

“Throughout the many positions that I’ve held at UAB, and especially now, I have always found myself working with people who seem to have a genuine appreciation for the job that I do and the efforts I make,” Horton said. “That support system has always been key in giving me that extra burst of energy and incentive to continue doing what I do.”

As the first point of contact for residency applicants, Horton said seeing them succeed is rewarding.

“Working with the internal medicine residents is really a rewarding experience,” Horton said. “You develop so many bonds with them, helping them to get what they need, socializing with them at various activities and developing so many new friendships over the years. It is especially touching to have them remember you and what you’ve done for them during their training once they’re gone.”

Outside work, Horton stays busy by keeping up with her 15-year-old son. “I guess you can say he is my hobby,” Horton said. 



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