New bike policy regulates indoor parking, encourages registration

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bike 2 streamProper safety equipment should be in use at all times, including helmets and nighttime lighting/reflectors. The use of headphones/earphones or cell phones while operating a bicycle is not permitted.Employees or students who work in non-patient care buildings now may park their bicycles in private offices, according to UAB’s policy on bicycle and other wheeled mobility devices, which was updated in June. Employees or students who work in buildings that offer patient care (i.e., hospital or clinics) are prohibited from transporting bicycles through or storing them within the building.

That is one of several changes in policy and enforcement that riders can expect to see implemented this fall to protect bike owners and promote campus safety.

“It’s a dual-purpose policy,” said Julie Price, manager of UAB Sustainability, which partnered with representatives from UAB Medicine, Parking and Transportation, UAB Police, Occupational Health and Safety, UAB Facilities and employees who are bike commuters, to update the policy. “We want to support biking on campus because it’s great for your health and reduces parking pressure on campus, but at the same time we want to ensure people are biking safely.”

Bike owners who work in buildings that offer patient care or don’t have private offices can park their bicycles in one of hundreds of bike racks on campus, but they may not chain bikes to unauthorized areas such as railings, entryways or light poles. Bikes parked in violation of the policy will begin receiving warning tickets from Parking and Transportation beginning in the fall semester. Cyclists who do not comply with this rule will have their bike impounded beginning in spring 2018.

“We want to support biking on campus because it’s great for your health, saves money and reduces parking pressure on campus, but... we want to ensure people are biking safely.”

Parking and Transportation also is encouraging cyclists to voluntarily register their bikes with the department. This can help authorities locate and return stolen bikes or identify owners of ones that are impounded. Students who register their bikes will receive a free helmet and U-lock.

“Increased bicycle use at UAB is a key element of our overall parking and transit plan, as it helps free up parking spaces, connects our transit stops and leads to fewer short car trips around campus,” said Chris Clifford, associate vice president for Business and Auxiliary Services. “I’m really excited about the new bike policy and how it will help lead to more biking at UAB.”

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