New HR resource designed to provide support to UAB leaders in critical situations

critical support site StreamBy Brooke Carbo

UAB Human Resources has launched a new one-stop resource for UAB leaders who find themselves in a crisis situation with an employee and need immediate guidance.

The Critical Support site walks users through a six-step process they can follow in high stress situations to help ensure a safe and successful outcome for all involved. Each step includes additional guidance and support tools including contact information for assistance, downloadable lists of resources to give an employee in crisis, and forms to report an incident.

The project, which was a collaboration of HR’s Talent Performance and Relations and the Employee Assistance and Counseling Center, began as a request for a quick guide for leaders who may be working with someone experiencing a mental health crisis, said Talent Performance and Relations Representative Jimmy Freeman.

“We soon realized the wide variety of issues that could fall under the title of mental health crisis, plus all of the many resources available at UAB and in our community,” Freeman said.

“[This site is a] proactive step towards promoting the well-being of all employees and fostering a healthier work environment.”

In addition to the six-step process for a crisis situation, the site also compiles resources for common mental health issues that employees may be facing, such as suicide prevention and response, domestic violence, and alcohol or substance abuse. Leaders will also find a list of signs to look for that indicate an employee may be in trouble and a guide to helping employees recover after losing a co-worker.

“When crisis and mental health challenges show up in the workplace, supervisors must be equipped with proper processes and resources to ensure the best outcome is achieved,” said EACC Director Tami Mayes Long, Ph.D. The Critical Support site, Long said, is a “proactive step towards promoting the well-being of all employees and fostering a healthier work environment.”

Visit the Critical Support site at Leaders are encouraged to bookmark the site for quick access when needed, and to explore the available resources so they can provide employees with support before a crisis situation occurs.

Review the 6-step process for UAB leaders in a crisis situation

Visit for additional guidance and resources for each step.

  1. Ensure safety, if needed: Take steps to ensure the immediate safety of the employee in crisis and others in the area (faculty, staff, patients, and/or guests).
  2. Remain calm and take steps to de-escalate the situation.
  3. Identify the most closely related issue to the crisis situation and explore the corresponding critical support resources at
  4. Direct the employee to available resources to assist with their mental health and/or physical health needs.
  5. Complete any applicable reporting/notifications to leadership or others with a need to know and any applicable forms.
  6. Work with Talent Performance and Relations or your HR Consultant to develop appropriate communications and discuss next steps.