Matt Windsor

Matt Windsor

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Karen Cropsey, Psy.D., director of UAB’s Center for Addiction and Pain Prevention and Intervention, served on an expert panel studying the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act.

Meet the 2022-2023 class of UAB’s flagship leadership academy for high-potential faculty and staff.

Curiosity led Jenna Taer to the Computer Forensics Research Lab — and on to a master’s degree in cybersecurity. Then a major industry scholarship let her network with CEOs in a field she loves.

A childhood illness, a year spent working for the UFC and an on-campus internship are all fueling a grad student’s goal of breaking down health care barriers through biotechnology.

Students in the Gulf Scholars Program work with mentors to design and implement projects addressing pressing environmental, health, energy and infrastructure challenges in the Gulf of Mexico region.
Take a trip into the Alabama BRAIN Lab in UAB’s Spain Rehabilitation Center, where a team led by neuroengineer Jamie Tyler, Ph.D., is working with patient groups to test promising neuromodulation treatments for chronic pain, insomnia and more.

The goal is to offer career development opportunities for all members of the NSF-funded IISAGE grant, led by Associate Professor Nicole Riddle, Ph.D., in the Department of Biology.

In a search that encompasses geckos, bats, sex-switching fish and more, the NSF-funded IISAGE team is seeking data to explain lopsided lifespans. A key question: How much wiggle room is there in aging?
This eye-opening experience is more popular than ever. Hear from faculty on how they incorporate the two-hour sim, now fully online, in their courses for undergraduates, graduates and professionals.

A chemical mystery drew Matthew Kiszla into tattoo research: Why are red inks most likely to cause rashes and other reactions? Now he is working to analyze commercial inks and looking for collaborators both scientific and artistic.

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