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Through signature service programs and monthly volunteer projects, UAB students make community engagement a value and priority. Supporting causes such as disaster relief, youth development, poverty and homelessness, food insecurity, and more, UAB students commit their time and energy to make a community impact!

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Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference? Find unique volunteer experiences through BlazerPulse.

Why use BlazerPulse?

Make an Impact

BlazerPulse is a community of volunteers and civic leaders. Here, you can explore and identify causes and organizations in the Birmingham area that interest you and register for volunteer opportunities. BlazerPulse is integrated with Engage, and volunteer opportunities listed through the BlazerPulse system will also appear under the Engage Service tab.

Track and Share Impact

Your service has an impact, a service-related output that usually can be measured as time, money and goods donated. Using BlazerPulse, you can capture the impact you are having in the community and reflect on your experiences. Consider BlazerPulse the footprint of UAB community service; we want to know the good work all of our students are doing. Students in service-learning courses and activities also will see BlazerPulse used in the classroom to support community development, volunteerism, and participation.

Promote Student-Led Community Programs

Student organizations can use BlazerPulse to post service events, recruit fellow student volunteers and manage and track volunteer participation.