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Good Games UAB (gg.UAB) supports the UAB gaming community by hosting events centered around esports and tabletop gaming, promoting gaming culture, and increasing career awareness for students through gaming and technology.



To create an environment that fosters community among UAB students who actively engage in e-sports and gaming activities.


  1. Increase student engagement and in-person gaming interaction to promote and enhance positive gaming culture at UAB.
  2. Facilitate student involvement within gaming registered student organizations.
  3. Provide competitive gaming opportunities.


  1. Service - We believe in encouraging students to take ownership of their commitment to serve their campus community.
  2. Community - We believe in fostering a sense of belonging among the UAB student body through activities that provide opportunities to make positive connections and build long-lasting relationships.
  3. Collaboration - We believe in Interdependent co-operation at all levels, ensuring full and appropriate delegation of responsibility takes place.
  4. Competition - We believe in healthy rivalry among members of the gaming community with the goal of achieving growth in comradery and skill.

Good Games UAB Positions

  • Executive Director

    The Executive Director (ED) provides guidance and support in the planning and implementation for all events and initiatives and provides leadership to the executive board through meeting management and teambuilding activities. The also ED assists with assessment and budget management.

  • Streaming & Promotion

    The Director of Streaming & Promotion is responsible for overseeing marketing efforts and managing social media for the organization. The Director also leads the planning for monthly online streaming events.

  • Operations & Outreach

    The Director of Operations & Outreach is responsible for managing the gg.UAB Engage page, securing sponsors and vendors for events, coordinating tournaments, and serving as a liaison for gaming registered student organizations.

  • Interactive Gaming

    The Director of Interactive Gaming is responsible for coordinating the logistics of gaming events such as WelcomeConand BlazerCon.

  • General Body

    gg.UAB general body members volunteer to assist with the planning and execution of events. They attend at least two general body meetings per semester and volunteer at events.

gg.UAB 2022-23 Executive Board Members

Ethan Ellerbusch

Ethan Ellerbusch

Executive Director

Jason H’ng

Jason H’ng

Director, Interactive Gaming

Dametria Lawson

Dametria Lawson

Director, Streaming & Promotion

Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips

Director, Operations & Outreach