The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the UAB Health System and its entities require authorization and release forms when students and patients are photographed or recorded in an individual or small-group setting to be be used for the purpose of media, marketing, development, and/or customer service.

You will need a release form when:

  • The person is the subject of the photo or video and is identifiable
  • People in small groups can be individually identified (i.e. in classrooms or academic buildings, on the Green, in/around residence halls, in patient clinical areas, in the Hill Student Center or Campus Recreation Center). All of those featured will need to sign their own, separate release form
  • The person has been asked to appear in or model for a photo or video for communications or marketing purposes, including social media
  • The person is under 18 (a parent or guardian must sign the release)

You do not need a release form for:

  • Large classrooms or images of large numbers of people on the Green, on sidewalks, in large patient waiting areas, etc.
  • Large public group or event shots, such as commencement or athletics events, when there is little expectation of privacy
  • Images that do not clearly feature someone‚Äôs face


Institutionally approved forms are below. Modification of the forms is not permitted except by authorized parties. There are two categories of forms to choose from: 1) health care; and 2) non-health care. It is the responsibility of the department to keep the signed forms on file, normally for a period of 36 months.

Non-Health Care

The Non-Health Care Media Release Form should be used for all non-health-care situations in which UAB faculty, staff, students, or others are involved.

Health Care

The Health Care Media Release Form should be used for all health-care situations in which patient information is being used for marketing and communications purposes.