The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the UAB Health System and its entities require authorization and release forms when students, faculty, staff, patients, and/or others are photographed or recorded in an individual or small-group setting to be be used for the purpose of media, marketing, development, and/or customer service.

Institutionally approved forms are below. Modification of the forms is not permitted except by authorized parties. There are two categories of forms to choose from: 1) health care; and 2) non-health care. It is the responsibility of the department to keep the signed forms on file, normally for a period of 36 months.

Non-Health Care

The Non-Health Care Media Release Form should be used for all non-health-care situations in which UAB faculty, staff, students, or others are involved.

Health Care

The Health Care Media Release Form should be used for all health-care situations in which patient information is being used for marketing and communications purposes.