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Overall, any creative content that is produced in an official UAB capacity must have quality production standards. Before creating or uploading content, Marketing & Communications requires that you first submit a request via the Marketing Approval Form. In many cases, we can provide assets for your project or recommend university-approved freelance videographers and photographers.

If shooting video in a UAB hospital, clinic, or satellite clinic, you must have an escort from UAB’s Public Relations team.


UAB’s YouTube channel highlights content from UAB’s campus, student life, research, and patient care.

You must get approval from Marketing & Communications before creating a YouTube channel. Marketing & Communications will equip you with proper branding elements, approved fonts, and logos.

A YouTube channel must be tied to a general Gmail account for your unit rather than your individual UAB email account or personal Gmail account. This allows others to manage the channel if needed.

  • You are responsible for creating and posting your own content to your channel.
  • Signed release forms are necessary for subjects who appear on your channel.


Vimeo does not require a Gmail account to create a channel. Use an email address that is connected to a resource account for your unit. This allows others to manage the channel.

A basic Vimeo account is free, but there is a content size limit. Other Vimeo options are available at a cost.

Accessibility Standards and Expectations

In addition to the policy and guidelines described here, UAB’s computing policies remain in effect.

All video produced, owned, and uploaded to UAB channels should have closed captioning.

  • UAB's Disability Support Services offers captioning services to UAB faculty and staff.
  • YouTube uses speech recognition technology to automatically create captions for your videos. Quality can vary, so always edit these captions before making them public. You can also upload a file to YouTube containing text and time codes. YouTube’s Creator Academy is an excellent resource.
  • Vimeo supports both open and closed captioning options.

Don’t reproduce content that you don’t own.

Don’t use content that you don’t have permission to use.

Creative Commons licensing has created a helpful guide.

You must obtain permission from Licensing and Trademarks to use the university’s copyrighted or protected marks or names in a video for profit.

Drone Guidelines

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, may only be operated on UAB’s campus in accordance with UAB’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy. Any UAS operator who captures photos or video footage for use in marketing or media materials is required to obtain approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to using the photos or video footage for such purpose. To receive approval, please page the media specialist on call by calling 205-934-3411.

According the UAS Policy that has been approved by the University of Alabama System Office, any UAS operator who captures photos or video footage for use in marketing or media materials is required to obtain approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications at least three (3) days in advance of the desired flight time and prior to using the photos or video footage for such purpose.

The marketing and communications staff will help secure approval through the EHS Campus Safety Office in advance of the desired flight time to request and obtain UAB UAS Usage Approval and Permit.

All approved UAB UAS Flight Permits are for a specific time and a specific location to ensure that multiple UAS are not sharing airspace. Operators are required to maintain UAB UAS Flight Permits for inspection at all times during the permitted flight.

All UAS operators will have to meet the requirements outlined in the UAB’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy. Individuals who are operating a UAS on or above UAB’s campus without approval from the FAA and EHS Campus Safety are in violation of University policy.

Confirmed violations of this policy will result in appropriate consequences commensurate with the offense, including, but not limited to, removal from campus and issuance of a trespass citation, up to and including termination of employment, appointment, student status or other relationships with UAB. Violations of local, state, and federal laws and regulations may result in regulatory and criminal penalties.

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