We encourage student organizations to have an active and appropriately branded presence on social media. Please review the various sections of this social media toolkit before creating your social accounts. Below, we've provided some helpful links as well as a checklist for getting started on social. 


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Checklist for Getting Started on Social Media

Social Channels

  • Which social platforms make the most sense for your organization?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which social media platforms do they utilize most frequently?

Complete Your Profile

  • Incomplete profiles look unprofessional and cause confusion. Developing your profile will make it easier for users to find your brand in a search.

Follow Relevant Accounts

Create Content Calendar

  • Planning a content calendar helps you keep your audience engaged and saves time.

Engage Audience

  • If you create a post and don’t engage that is a one-sided conversation. Make sure your content asks questions or provokes a reaction. Take time to not only comment back, but also create conversations on the posts of others.
  • Monitor Your Social Presence