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UAB Digital Strategy and Marketing has central oversight of all digital marketing, including paid social media, digital display, search advertising, etc., in order to optimize media buys based on a strategy that takes into account the amount of messages aimed at our overlapping target audiences.

UAB faculty, staff, and students are not allowed to create paid digital ads or execute paid marketing campaigns from official UAB channels or on behalf of UAB. This includes research initiatives that are supported by UAB faculty, staff, and students and paid for by UAB funds (including research funds that have been awarded to UAB).

Current Parameters

  • The UA System requires centralized reporting on marketing and media buys.
  • Individual employees cannot accept terms and conditions on behalf of UAB which includes platforms such as Facebook, Google, and other social and search platforms, therefore UAB runs all advertising out of a centralized business unit.
  • UAB has one central P Card for media buys on digital platforms. This helps with billing and also gives UAB a line of credit with these platforms.

Currently, there are three options for executing digital marketing at UAB:

  1. Current vendors can be viewed here.

    Note: UAB Marketing will evaluate additional agencies on a case-by-case basis. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to initiate an agency review. Agencies must comply to operate out of our centralized Business Unit. Please note there is at least a 6-8 week process to establish a new marketing agency contract (this involves other units on campus including Legal, Purchasing, etc.).

  2. Distributed communicators and individuals who meet at least one of these two options and both are preferred:
    • Google certified and/or completion of a digital marketing certificate or related degree
    • Proven track record in digital campaign management that meets or exceeds industry benchmarks

    All individuals must be qualified and prepared to engage in digital community management including responding to public comments and inquiries on social platforms.

    Note: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you meet the qualifications above and would like to be evaluated to execute digital marketing.

  3. UAB Marketing and Creative Solutions

    If you would like to start a project with UAB’s in-house creative agency, please complete this request form.

  • Per the Master Service Agreement with approved agencies, all digital marketing must be executed from UAB’s Business Manager ad accounts in all social media platforms and search platforms. UAB should also retain all digital advertising metrics and tracking.
  • Boosting posts on Facebook is a form of paid advertising which is also managed and purchased centrally. Units are not allowed to “boost” Facebook posts.
  • Giveaways and contests may be organically promoted on official UAB Facebook media accounts as long as it is open to the public. Per Alabama Ethics Law, you can not provide a giveaway to UAB employees worth more than $25. Units are not allowed to “boost” Facebook posts.
  • All digital advertising creative and paid media buys must be reviewed and approved via the Marketing Approval Process and follow marketing guidelines outlined on the UAB Brand Toolkit prior to launching in digital platforms.
  • UAB Digital Strategy and Marketing reserves the right to provide feedback on content, images, and creative that could impact the overall health of the UAB brand, interfere with the good standing of UAB Business Manager account or be in violation of platform policies and guidelines.


UAB’s web presence impacts the health of the brand. UAB Digital Strategy and Marketing’s web team has oversight of our website presence, working alongside UAB Information Technology, and serves as administrator of our content management systems. UAB websites are required to be hosted on either Joomla or WordPress and reside on UAB-approved servers.

Any website work performed on behalf of UAB, which includes research initiatives and when grant funds are awarded to the university, must follow the UAB brand standards and UAB web content guidelines. In addition, UAB provides free website hosting.

Current guidelines do not allow outside vendors to perform web work for the university outside of High Level Marketing and Shawn Wright. More information on these two vendors can be found on our WordPress page.

Feedback/Need Help?

Can't find what you need? Do you have suggestions for items to add to our brand and communications toolkit? Email marketing@uab.edu, and we'll connect you with the right Marketing & Communications team member.

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