Who is Learfield Licensing Partners?

Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) is the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s official licensing representative. LLP is responsible for administering UAB's licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties, enforcing trademarks, and pursuing new market opportunities for the university.

If you have questions about Learfield Licensing Partners, please contact:

Learfield Licensing Partners
8900 Keystone Crossing, Ste. 605
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: (317) 669-0808
Fax: (317) 669-0810

Why Become a Licensee?

Per the university’s contract with LLP, any vendor producing items featuring UAB’s trademarks (e.g. logo, marks, and some protected verbiage, including “UAB” and “University of Alabama at Birmingham”) must be licensed with LLP. This is required even if the items produced are for internal use only (e.g. not for resale). Licensing trademarks is an essential step in ensuring protection of the university’s trademarks. This measure helps UAB prevent unauthorized use of its trademarks and retain its trademark registration status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

How Do I Become Licensee?

Any vendor that wishes to obtain a LLP license to produce items featuring UAB’s trademarks must first submit a license application. This application informs the university of how its marks will be used, what type of product the applicant makes, how the university is going to be represented, etc.

If you are currently licensing with a LLP school and would like to add University of Alabama at Birmingham, visit the Learfield Licensing website.

What Type of License is Right for Me?

There are two different types of Learfield licenses:

  • Standard License: For companies that produce licensed consumer products that will be resold, such as items for sale at retail in local, regional, and national retail outlets. Sales are royalty-bearing.
  • Internal License: For companies that produce licensed consumer products for sale ONLY to University departments and approved campus organizations for internal / non-resale use. These are exempt from royalties (as determined by University licensing policy).

You may apply for one or both types of licenses.

How Do I Know if a Vendor is Learfield Licensed?

Anyone is able to view a current list vendors Learfield licensed for UAB. Simply visit www.LearfieldLicensing.com, then:

  • Select “Licensing” from the top menu.
  • Under “Helpful Links,” select “Licensee & Product List.”
  • Type “Birmingham” into the search bar and “University of Alabama at Birmingham” will populate.
  • Click “View,” then wait for the most current PDF list of Learfield licensed vendors to populate as a download.

Note: Because new licensees are always being added, and old licenses sometimes expire, download the list at least monthly for an accurate listing of current licensees.

Have Questions?

If you have further questions about trademarks, licensing, or the process of becoming licensed, please contact the university’s Brand Manager, Barbara Silor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..