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CH 235 OQ - Organic Chemistry I


LAST SI SESSION: Thursday, July 31st, from 12-1 at EB 132. We will be going over the ACS Study Guide. Good luck!

SI Sessions will be held on Monday (1:00-2:00) and Thursday (12:00-1:00) in EB 132.

About your SI Leader:

My name is Ramitha Nyalakonda, and I'm a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Economics. I have taken Organic Chemistry I and II this past year, and I'm excited to be your SI Leader for the Summer term!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Mock Exams:

Mock Exam 1

Mock Exam 1 Answers

Mock Exam 2

Mock Exam 2 Answers Part 1

Mock Exam 2 Answers Part 2

Mock Exam 3

Mock Exam 3 Answers

Worksheets and Answers:

All of the worksheets will be posted before each SI session, and the answers will be uploaded after each SI session. 

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1 Answers

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 2 Answers

 Worksheet 3

Worksheet 3 Answers

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 4 Answers

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 5 Answers

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 6 Answers

Worksheet 7

Worksheet 7 Answers

Worksheet 8

Worksheet 8 Answers

Worksheet 9

Worksheet 9 Answers

Worksheet 10

Worksheet 10 Answers

Worksheet 11

Worksheet 11 Answers

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