Kelsea Nichols

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Kelsea Nichols lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. Nichols received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2014 with concentrations in both printmaking and sculpture. After graduating with her BFA, Nichols moved to Dekalb, Illinois in pursuit of a master’s degree. Nichols graduated with her Master of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University in the spring of 2017. While Nichols concentrated in printmaking and sculpture, she works within various non-traditional mediums and is not media specific in her practice. Nichols has shown nationally and received several awards in group exhibitions. She has exhibited in Delta National Small Prints Exhibition in Jonesboro, Arkansas, PRINTAUSTIN in Austin, Texas, ARC Gallery, and Zhou B Art Center both in Chicago, Illinois. Nichols has shown work multiple times (group and solo exhibitions) at Cleaner Gallery + Projects in Chicago, Illinois. Most recently Nichols was a guest artist at Pigeonhole Press (Chicago) where she produced a multicolor etching. She has taught classes and workshops in both printmaking and sculpture. Earth, color, pattern, and humor are common themes within her work, and she is currently working on a series of drawings influenced by the land, the paranormal, occultism, and esoteric thought.