"Homeward Bound – Releasing Terrapins" by Taylor Roberge."Homeward Bound – Releasing Terrapins" by Biology student Taylor Roberge.The Department of Biology Honors Program provides an opportunity for motivated undergraduate students with excellent academic records to develop research skills in preparation for graduate school and professional careers.

In this program, you will actively participate in biological research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. You will present the results of your investigations at the annual Biology Honors Research Day. You are also encouraged to present your research findings at scientific meetings. As does any program that provides a meaningful and rewarding learning experience, the Biology Honors Program requires a significant commitment of time and effort.

In addition to the educational and career benefits you'll gain by participating in the biology Honors program, you will be honored at the annual Biology Honors Research Day and will graduate "With Honors in Biology."

Want to Know More?

Contact Thane Wibbles, director of the honors program, through email or call (205) 934-4419.