Doctoral Student Opportunities

The following positions are open for Fall 2019 admissions.

Dr. Purushotham Bangalore

The Collaborative Computing Laboratory (CCL) is looking for graduate students interested in High Performance Computing (HPC) to apply for a Graduate Research Assistant position. While we are currently looking for students interested in working on fault-tolerance for exascale systems, students with strong interest in all areas of HPC will be considered. Find out more about the various research projects of CCL. Please contact Dr. Purushotham Bangalore at if you are interested.

Dr. Jeremy Blackburn

The Data-driven Research for Advanced Modeling and Analysis (DRAMA) Lab, directed by Dr. Jeremy Blackburn, is looking for Ph.D. students interested in data science, with a focus on social media. DRAMA Lab’s work is at the intersection of human behavior and large-scale distributed systems. Recently, our work has revolved around measuring, understanding, and mitigating online harassment, hate speech, and weaponized information. This line of work has been published in numerous tier 1 computer science venues and consistently covered in national and international press. We have even been credited with creating the field of meme scholarship!

If you are interested in working with DRAMA Lab, and its international incarnation iDRAMA Lab, please contact Blackburn via email ( Be sure to include some information about why you want to work with DRAMA Lab, as well as a current CV.

DRAMA Lab members are expected to have:

  • An extremely strong work ethic.
  • Strong programming skills (particularly with big data collection and processing).
  • A decent understanding of statistics and machine learning.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Creative, out of the box thinking.
  • A passion for the Internet and the Web.

Dr. Thomas Gilray

Dr. Thomas Gilray is seeking talented students interested in programming languages to pursue a Ph.D. studying static program analysis, applications in verification and optimization, and related issues of concurrency and scalability. Gilray is working toward analyses that may be tuned easily and effectively, analyses that may be compiled and scaled automatically, and analyses that can be integrated into developer workflows, supporting faster and safer code.

Applicants should have:

  • A degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related field.
  • A solid background in programming using multiple language paradigms.
  • Good mathematical sophistication.
  • Passion for programming languages, functional programming, logic, compilers, or related topics.

If interested, please email Gilray at

Dr. Sidharth Kumar

Dr. Sidharth Kumar at the CS department of UAB is looking for Ph.D. students to pursue research in parallel computing (HPC) and data analytics. Students interested in machine learning, visualization, and graphics should also consider applying. Students will be fully supported as Research Assistant. If you are interested, please contact Kumar at for a Skype interview.

Dr. Nitesh Saxena

The SPIES lab led by Dr. Nitesh Saxena is always looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students. The area of research is cyber security, broadly speaking. Saxena ( does take that average "back-benching" student with a strong integrity and an eye towards excellence.

Dr. Da Yan

The Data Management group led by Dr. Da Yan at the CS department of UAB is looking for Ph.D. students to pursue research in (D1) scalable data analytics (using database techniques and/or HPC), and (D2) machine learning applications (especially deep learning). Students will be fully supported as Research Assistant. Working in this group trains you to work at the forefront of Data Science research and to pursue a fruitful academic career. If you are interested, please contact Yan at for a Skype interview.

Requirements for (D1):

  • familiar with C/C++ and or Java programming
  • familiar with common data structures and algorithms, as well as their libraries (STL and java.util package)
  • familiar with database and data mining basics
  • knowledge about parallel/distributed programming is a plus (e.g., MPI, Pthreads, C++11 multithreading)
  • knowledge about Hadoop Ecosystem is a plus (e.g., HDFS, MapReduce, Spark)
  • experience in research preferred (e.g., top conference/journal publications, not 3rd-tier ones)

Requirements for (D2):

  • familiar with Python/Matlab/R programming
  • familiar with common data mining and machine learning tools and libraries (e.g., scikit-learn, TensorFlow, MXNet, D3.js)
  • experience in projects applying machine learning techniques is a plus
  • experience in research preferred (e.g., top conference/journal publications, not 3rd-tier ones)

Dr. Chengcui Zhang

Dr. Chengcui Zhang's KDDM (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) lab is looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students to do research in multimedia machine learning and data mining, especially in the areas of healthcare and biomedical image/video data analysis. Qualified candidates are expected to have a strong programming and math background, good oral/writing skills, and excellent capabilities of independent research. Interested students should contact Dr. Chengcui Zhang ( for an interview.

Dr. Yuliang Zheng

Dr. Yuliang Zheng ( is seeking motivated students to pursue Ph.D. studies in areas related to secure financial technology, distributed ledger or blockchain and their interplay with big data, cryptography and quantum computing.


  • an outstanding graduate in computer science, applied mathematics or a related field
  • solid knowledge and skills in programming and networking protocols