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Course Prerequisites

Illustration of the prerequisite map. Illustration echoes the information in the bulleted list in the text.Not sure what prerequisites you'll need to take before signing up for any 200+ level courses? We always recommend asking your academic advisor if you're not sure, but you can also refer to this prerequisite map.

The department has simplified the prerequisite structure to help you progress smoothly through the major, with the necessary background to succeed in each class. This map applies to both B.A. and B.S. Computer Science programs:

  • CS 103: Introduction to Computation is a prerequisite for all 200-level courses.
  • CS 203: Object Oriented Programming and CS 250: Discrete Structures are prerequisites for all 300-level courses.
  • CS 303: Algorithms and Data Structures and MA 125: Calculus I are prerequisites for all 400-level courses.

In most cases, these will be the only prerequisites.