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Graduate-Level Courses

Under certain special circumstances, our undergraduate students may take graduate courses for graduate credit. This means taking a CS 5xx or 6xx course for graduate credit. It does not mean taking the undergraduate 4xx version of a graduate course. This is an unusual circumstance and is typically only done in senior year.

You must fulfill the following requirements for each graduate course you want to take:

  • have already taken CS 303;
  • have accumulated 90 credit hours;
  • have at least a 3.2 GPA in computer science courses; and
  • have received the permission of the instructor, the director of undergraduate studies, the undergraduate advisor, and the director of graduate studies.

Application Form

Download the Graduate Level Coursework form (PDF). When complete, this form should be delivered to the undergraduate advisor Courtney White, who will grant the necessary override.

When Should I Sign Up?

Graduate-level claes are typically only taken in your senior year. Students interested in this option are encouraged to seek advice from undergraduate advisor Courtney White well ahead of time (e.g., junior year).

How Many Graduate Classes Can I Take?

At most. four graduate courses may be taken while you are an undergraduate (although this many courses would be rare). This is consistent with the limit of 12 credit hours that may be transferred into the graduate program.