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University Hall 5045
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Research and Teaching Interests: American literary realism and naturalism, modernism, gender studies, genre studies

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  • B.A., Whittier College
  • M.A., Tulane University
  • Ph.D., Tulane University

Dr. Jennifer Young’s dissertation, “‘A Matter of Expression’: Hybrid Genres of Progressive Era Muckraking Novelists and Journalists,” explores a tendency among the muckrakers of the early 1900s to write works in one genre using techniques more typical of another genre. When writing novels, many of the writers would use techniques typical of documentary journalism; when writing nonfiction journalism, they use literary devices associated with fiction. This genre-switching — their "generic hybrids" — provides insight into the development of writing as a profession, particularly as it relates to the authors’ concerns about connecting effectively with readers and being seen as productive members of society.

This scholarly interest in unconventional cross-generic borrowing dovetails with Young’s methods in the freshman composition and general literature courses she typically teaches at UAB. She has a penchant for looking beyond traditional academic sources to pop culture references — including music files and YouTube videos — to illustrate formal terms and concepts.