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Name  Office Number   Email
Blokh, Alexander 494-A CH
Dale, Louis (Vice President for Equity and Diversity) 492-A CH
Fathallah, Hassan 480-A CH
Hutchison, Jeanne (Undergraduate Advisor) 482-B CH
Johnson, Walter 459-X CH
Jung, Paul 493-B CH
Karpeshina, Yulia (Graduate Program Director) 483-B CH
Knowles, Ian 481-A CH
Kravchuk, Elena 459-B CH
Lewis, Roger (Emeritus) 484 CH
Li, Junfang (Graduate Advisor) 491 CH
Mayer, John (Associate Chair) 490-A CH
Navasca, Carmeliza 475-B CH
Nkashama, Marius 480-C CH
O'Neil, Peter (Emeritus) 492-B CH
Oversteegen, Lex 494-B CH
Puchta, Tami 459-A CH
Saito, Yoshimi (Emeritus)
Selinger, Nikita 495-A CH
Shterenberg, Roman 486 CH
Simanyi, Nandor 490-B CH
Stansell, Laura 495-B CH
Starr, Shannon 478-A CH
Stocks, Douglas (Emeritus)
Stolz, Gunter (Graduate Recruiting Coordinator) 483-A CH
Vaughan, Loy 482-A CH
Weikard, Rudi (Chair) 481-B CH
Zeng, Yanni 496-A CH
Zou, Henghui 480-B CH
Adjunct Faculty:    
  471 CH

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