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Instructor, Course Developer with the UAB Physics Online Education Program This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ESH 4141
(205) 934-8186

Research and Teaching Interests: Physics education research, eLearning applied to Physics Education, teaching and developing new online courses for the UAB Physics Department on-line course program, developing new online physics laboratories

Office Hours: : T/Th 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


  • B.S., University of Bucharest, Physics
  • M.S., University of Bucharest, Physics
  • Ph.D., University of South Carolina, Physics

Dr. Anca Lungu received her Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. Her research expertise lays in the field of condensed matter physics and material sciences with emphases on superconductivity and magnetism.

Her graduate work involved theoretical and experimental techniques focused on the development and the characterization of new superconducting nanostructured materials.

As a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Magnetic Microscopy Center at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Anca Lungu’s work focused on magnetic force microscopy studies of single crystal ferromagnetic thin films and of the magnetic reversal of single domain particle chains isolated from magnetotactic bacteria.

Dr. Anca Lungu joined the Department of Physics at UAB in the fall of 2014 as an Instructor and currently, she is actively involved in the UAB Physics Online Education Project. Her interests are focused on physics education research and physics education on e-learning platforms.

  • Recent Courses
    • College Physics I (PH201)
    • College Physics II (PH202)
    • Physical Science online (PHS101-QL)
    • Introductory Physics online (PH100-QL)
    • College Physics II online (PH202-QL)
  • Select Publications
    • Iqbal, Z.; Datta, T.; Kirven, D.; Lungu, A.; Barry, J. C.; Owens, F. J.; Rinzler, A. G.; Yang D.; Reidinger, F.: "Superconductivity Above 130K in the Hg-Pb-Ba--Ca-Cu-O System." Physical Review B49, 12322-12325 (1994).
    • Anca Lungu, Michael Bleiweiss, J. Amirzadeh, Salih Saygi, and T. Datta: "Superconductivity in nanostructured lead.” Physica C, Vol. 349, 1-7 (2001, January 1).
    • A. Lungu, E. D. Dahlberg, P. A. Crowell: “A Magnetic Force Microscopy Study on Single Crystal Ferromagnetic Thin Films on Flat and Vicinal Semiconductor Substrates”, Presentation at the 2002 March Meeting of The American Physical Society, March 18-22, Indianapolis, IN .
    • A. Lungu, S. Olmstead, P. Eames, D. A. Bazilinsky and E. D. Dahlberg: “A Magnetic Force Microscopy Study of the Magnetic Reversal of Single Domain Particle Chains Isolated from Magnetotactic Bacteria”, Presentation at the 2003 March Meeting of The American Physical Society, March 3-7, 2003 Austin, TX.
    • Datta T, Yin M, Dimofte A, Bleiweiss M, Lungu A, Amirzadeh J, Sharp WE: “Tidal effects on gravity experiments with a balance”, Phys. Rev. Letters 91 (10) Sep 5 2003.
  • Academic Distinctions
    • The Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Award, Second Place at the Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Academy of Science
    • American Physical Society, member
    • Sigma-Xi Scientific Research Society, member