CHIA logoRegistration for the 7th annual Community Health Innovations Awards is now closed!

About CHIA

In 2012, the CCTS One Great Community established the Community Health Innovation Awards (CHIA) as an annual grant competition for organizations in the greater Birmingham area. At the heart of the CHIA process is the desire to foster novel ways of thinking about challenging local health issues.

CHIA encourages 501 (c)(3) organizations to think boldly and creatively about solutions to “on the ground” health challenges our communities face. If selected to participate, teams from the 501 (c)(3c)s work collaboratively with local leaders, neighborhood groups, and the UAB community
to develop their iCHIA Impact Boxdeas into actionable project proposals. 

The CHIA program includes an intense schedule of workshops, proposal submissions, and a formal presentation to a panel of judges. Those who make it through the entire process receive a grant ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

CHIA is supported by the CCTS (NCATS grant award UL1TR001417). Contributions from UAB's offices, schools, and college and local groups also help fund the awards, enabling the program to support more applicants and broadening CHIA’s impact in the community.

CHIA recipients complete their projects over a 12-month period and give regular progress updates to sponsoring units. We also encourage recipients to leverage their awards and secure additional resources through other funding opportunities.