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Clinical Research

  • Research Commons
    HexCCTS supports clinical and translational research across the Partner Network. The CCTS Research Commons domain connects investigators to the expertise and technology they need, including tools, institutional resources, expert consultation and collaborators. The goal? To sharpen science and accelerate the pace of discovery, thereby improving patient care and reducing disparities and diseases that disproportionately affect our region. Learn more
  • Training Academy
    Training-HexCCTS seeks to develop a diverse and highly skilled clinical and translational research workforce well-prepared to collaborate, innovate, and accelerate the pace of scientific discoveries to improve patient care. Our Training Academy domain offers interdisciplinary, educational programs and enrichment activities for research teams across the career arc – faculty, trainees, staff and community members alike – to support a vibrant learning community with the skills, knowledge and perspective to effectively advance research insights to application. Learn more
  • Clinical Translation
    CT-HexThe CCTS supports cutting-edge expertise and facilities to investigators conducting human subjects research. Our Clinical Translation domain provides cost-effective, quality services that exemplify best practice for every stage of the clinical research study lifecycle, from startup through implementation to closeout. Learn more
  • Engagement of Communities
    community-HexThe CCTS supports the development of authentic partnerships between researchers and the populations we serve. Through our Engagement of Communities domain, we provide learning and collaboration opportunities to a wide variety of community stakeholders that foster trust, help establish shared research goals, and speed the translation of knowledge into health improvements for all. Learn more
  • Special Modules
    specialmodules-HexLeveraging unique capacity across the CCTS Partner Network, the CCTS supports distinct research areas in genomic medicine, drug discovery, precision therapeutics and medical device development. This Special Modules domain reflects the CCTS commitment to innovative techniques and technologies that improve the quality, efficiency, and impact of translational research. Learn more
  • Partner Network
    partner-HexThe CCTS reaches across disciplines and across institutional boundaries locally, regionally and nationally to work synergistically with those who share our mission. Our 11-member Partner Network represents unprecedented translational research engagement drawing on complementary expertise, technical capacity and patient populations across the Deep South. We collaborate with a growing number of organizations in support of multisite studies aimed at catalyzing scientific discovery and accelerating those insights to impact health. Learn more

External Resources 

Data Safety Monitoring Board Training Manual

The CTSA Collaborative Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) Workgroup, supported by NCATS, has produced an online DSMB Training Manual with a focus on investigator-initiated studies. This manual provides information and training for Principal Investigators, DSMB members, IRB members, biostatisticians, and research staff on how to work effectively with DSMBs.

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