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CCTS Panels - Over 1400 Investigators Can't Be Wrong.

Project Panels leverage the community of scholarship across the CCTS Partner Network to work with you to brainstorm ideas, generate research questions, meet possible collaborators, fine-tune study design and sharpen your proposals. Whether you want a multi-disciplinary panel for your proposal or a quickly-deployed, tailored group, we assemble the expertise needed to work with you to strengthen your project.
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Would you like to brainstorm a research idea with other investigators? 

A Nascent Project Panel (NPP) might be right for you!

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Would you like feedback on a draft grant application toward an upcoming extramural deadline? 

A Panel Done Quickly (PDQ) might be right for you!

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Do you have a scientific discovery and want to learn more about commercialization, patents, or SBIR/STTRs? 

An Innovation Panel (iPanel) might be right for you!

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Are you looking for collaborators with complementary expertise to your own?

The Translational Investigator Exchange Service (TIES) might be right for you!

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Not sure which approach would be best for you?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will reach out to you to discuss how best to help.

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