Cutting-Edge Knowledge

In addition to platform development for genomic studies, the CCTS Genomic Medicine Module supports training activities for learners of all stages and competencies. The CCTS offers both traditional and non-traditional approaches to genetics and genomics education and outreach including lectures, newsletters, workshops, retreats, symposia, professional development, and immersion courses, all of which are accessible to CCTS Partners via distance learning platforms.

UAB-HudsonAlpha Postdoc Training Program in Genomic Medicine
The Center for Genomic Medicine (CGM), a collaboration of CCTS Partners UAB and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, is accepting applications for a unique opportunity to research and validate new genomic approaches for clinical care, funded by a National Human Genome Research Institute T32 grant.  

Genomic Medicine Seminar Series
This biweekly seminar series will focus on case presentations or on research seminars related to genomic medicine. The T32 trainees will present their research and their clinical cases from the Genomic Medicine Practicum at this conference along with faculty from UAB and HudsonAlpha. This series will bring together trainees, mentors, and life science experts and provide an excellent platform for debate among participants. The series will be held at UAB and HudsonAlpha alternatively and extended by WebEx to the other site. 

Bioethics Seminar Series
This monthly seminar series is organized and led by Dr. Tom May (HudsonAlpha) and Dr. Mariko Nakano (UAB) and will consist of case presentations and seminars on bioethics issues in genomic medicine.  The series will be held at UAB and HudsonAlpha alternatively and extended by WebEx to the other site.

The CCTS also cosponsors the annual Drug Discovery Lecture Series with partner Southern Research. The series kicks off in February and runs weekly through the Spring on Tuesdays from 12pm - 1pm at the Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies (PCAMS), 1924 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233. 

Genetics and Genomics in Clinical Research
This week-long course, hosted by CCTS and the Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences in September, immerses investigators in the principles, technologies, and experimental approaches in genetics and genomics through both lecture and hands-on activities. Investigators from throughout the CCTS Partner Network are encouraged to participate (GTM is made available for long-distance attendees). Topics include:

  • identifying genes related to family phenotypes that segregate in a Mendelian fashion
  • developing a study to compare patterns of gene expression or methylation levels in normal vs pathological tissue
  • preparing a genetics or genomics protocol involving human subjects for IRB review
  • choosing a genotyping and next-generation sequencing platform
  • using bioinformatics databases to analyze genomic data

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Genomic Medicine Conference
The Genomic Medicine Conference is focused on advancing knowledge in the field of genomic medicine in a clinical care setting and empowering clinicians with the information they need to integrate genomics into medical practice. 

To find upcoming Special Module training opportunities, please see our Events and Recurring Events pages.