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How does it work?

iPanel GOAL: To discuss a scientific discovery, technology development or novel process that may have potential health application and/or commercialization.

iPanel APPROACH: A group of individuals with expertise in science, tech transfer and business development are brought together to help innovators chart a path forward.  This 1-hour panel can be useful for those looking to further develop intellectual property, to submit a SBIR/STTR, to create a company or to disseminate non-patentable, evidence-based system interventions.

How to prepare:

  • Click here to sign up!
  • A CCTS Research Commons Liaison will contact you to discuss your project.
  • Share a brief description of your technology, innovation, scientific discovery, etc.*
  • Describe what expertise is sought and/or indicate individuals you wish to attend (or not)
  • Provide availability (days/times for conversation in the proximate 2 weeks)

Optimal Timeline:

  • Proposal submission approximately 4-6 months

* The CCTS has established a consortium-wide memorandum of understanding regarding scientific integrity and confidentiality. Participation in an iPanel does not qualify a discussant for inventor credit.  Criteria for inventorship (a person who conceives the subject matter of at least one claim of an IP disclosure / patent) still apply.
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