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How does it work?

NPP GOAL: To brainstorm research ideas early in the conceptual phase; to hone study aims; to consider preliminary data that is in hand or may be needed for a competitive grant proposal.

NPP APPROACH: A standing panel of investigators representing broad, transdisciplinary expertise in study design, analytic methodology, ethics, health disparities, outcomes, regulatory knowledge, participant & clinical interactions.  The Panel can be tailored by invitation of additional panelists with specific expertise, as needed.

NPP FORMAT: The standing panel assembles on the 4th Wednesday of every month to discuss up to two (2) research projects.  The panel begins with a brief scientific presentation by the PI followed by open discussion (45 minutes total).

How to prepare:

  • Click here to sign up! Indicate that you would like an NPP by adding "NPP Request" to the text box labeled "Reviewers I would like on my panel".
  • A CCTS Research Commons Liaison will contact you to discuss your project.
  • Provide (1) an updated biosketch and (2) an abstract to help introduce you and your research in advance of the panel event
  • Describe what expertise is sought or identify names beyond standing NPP membership
  • Choose an available standing date
  • Prepare a 15 minutes PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides (instructions provided) to introduce the scientific gap in knowledge, the scientific opportunity and the proposal frame (aims & preliminary data)

Optimal Timeline:

Proposal submission 6-8 months away.

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