How does it work?

NPP GOAL: To brainstorm research ideas early in the conceptual phase; to hone study aims; to consider preliminary data that is in hand or may be needed for a competitive grant proposal.

NPP APPROACH: A standing panel of investigators representing broad, transdisciplinary expertise in study design, analytic methodology, ethics, health disparities, outcomes, regulatory knowledge, participant & clinical interactions.  The Panel can be tailored by invitation of additional panelists with specific expertise, as needed.

NPP VOUCHER ELIGIBILITY: Receive $500 when you participate in the Nascent Projects Panel at least 6 months in advance of a specified grant deadline.

  • This incentive is for participation in the Nascent Project Panels only (no other panel formats will be eligible at this time).
  • Must be full-time faculty at any CCTS Partner Institution (including UAB). Special consideration for those qualifying for NIH Early Stage Investigator status. More established PIs seeking to shift their research area may be considered.
  • Following the Nascent Projects Panel, the PI will have access to $500 to support their research project (e.g., generation of preliminary data, grant editing). This support is enabled by the CCTS Voucher Program (exclusions apply).
  • All expenses tied to these incentives must be dated on or before April 30, 2023.

NPP FORMAT: The standing panel assembles on the 4th Wednesday of every month to discuss up to two (2) research projects.  The panel begins with a brief scientific presentation by the PI followed by open discussion (45 minutes total).

How to prepare:

  • Click here to sign up! Indicate that you would like an NPP by adding "NPP Request" to the text box labeled "Reviewers I would like on my panel".
  • A CCTS Research Commons Liaison will contact you to discuss your project.
  • Provide (1) an updated biosketch and (2) an abstract to help introduce you and your research in advance of the panel event
  • Describe what expertise is sought or identify names beyond standing NPP membership
  • Choose an available standing date
  • Prepare a 15 minutes PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides (instructions provided) to introduce the scientific gap in knowledge, the scientific opportunity and the proposal frame (aims & preliminary data)

Optimal Timeline:

Proposal submission 6-8 months away.