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How does it work?

PDQ GOAL: To provide advanced peer- and methodologic-review of a grant proposal

PDQ APPROACH: A group of investigators with specific and relevant research expertise are invited to attend a one hour meeting which simulates a study section.  The panel reviewers provide the investigator with feedback to strengthen the grant application.

PDQ FORMAT: the 1-hour panel is tailored to the request in both schedule and expertise.  Reviewers review materials in advance, and the panel provides the setting for moderated discussion of feedback

How to prepare:

  • Click here to sign up!
  • A CCTS Research Commons Liaison will contact you to discuss your project.
  • Share a rough draft of your specific aims to allow identification of expertise (this draft will not be shared)
  • Describe what expertise is sought and/or indicate individuals you wish to attend (or not)
  • Provide availability (days/times for conversation in the proximate 2 weeks)
  • One week before scheduled panel, please provide most current drafts of documents to be reviewed.

Optimal Timeline:

Proposal submission 6-8 weeks away.
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