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The Kaizen training platform, developed by CCTS Informatics, is based on the philosophy of continual improvement and is designed to enhance education through a competitive format. Kaizen has trained over 2,000 investigators in various competencies. Learn more

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Rigor, Reproducibility & Transparency (R2T)

The National Institute of Health (NIH) requires formal instruction in Scientific Rigor, Reproducibility & Transparency (R2T) for all federally-funded trainees. In support of high quality investigation and in our commitment to scientific integrity, UAB based the R2T-Kaizen course upon the review of articles focusing on common errors and fallacies in scientific research as well as the (4) focus areas of R2T: scientific premise, authentication of chemical and biologic resources, consideration of sex and other biologic variables in study design and statistical rigor. All T, K, F awardees are encouraged to play but it is open to all investigators at UAB, across the CCTS Partner Network, and around the country. The first online R2T course was developed and piloted in January 2017.

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