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N. Dermody

Leaving the military and preparing to return to the civilian construction industry after almost eleven years, I knew that I would need to retool my construction knowledge to be competitive for employment. The CEM program offered the online flexibility that I needed, and it covered the current relevant course material. I now have new tools and resources to help face the challenges required in the construction industry.

N. Jordan

Every class brought something positive to the table. Having hands-on access to the P6 Scheduling and Building Information Modeling software was just great. The program tested our perseverance and helped build professional character.

J. Atherton

The leadership, technology and management skills learned are used all of the time. The program was well worth the effort.

D. Burgess

All of the courses in the CECM program have real world relevance.

B. McMurtry

The courses have helped me develop skills to understand the construction industry at a higher level. I am extremely grateful to the incredible instructors and for the program, which will help me for the rest of my life.

J. Odera

The course gave me the construction knowledge, skills and confidence when speaking in construction meetings.

N. Khalili

My studies at UAB have given me a better understanding of construction, increased my confidence, and helped me improve in my career. The CEM program was an important and rewarding experience.

K. Carretti

It has been a challenge and a blessing to go through this (CECM) program. The classes were thought provoking, resulting in growth of my knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence. The CEM staff and students have been a blessing to me making me feel like I was not alone, but part of a family who is going through this journey together.

A. Benefield

This program has provided us the confidence to discuss construction issues with anyone and in any setting. It has also empowered us to think for ourselves and make better decisions.

P. Gardiner

I am now an assistant division manager for a Montgomery, Alabama contractor. The CEM program has helped me advance in life, become a better person ethically and a better management professional.

J. Sims

To the entire staff and instructors, you have put together an outstanding program that really translates to the reality of the real world. The information and tools that we received can be put to use today and that is so valuable.

J. McIntyre

The UAB program had the curriculum that was both interesting and useful to my work and what I wanted to learn more about. The classes allowed me to speak with more knowledge with my peers and taught me important time management skills. Due to the program I just received a promotion from project engineer to program manager.

C. Young

As a construction professional, I will soar high, challenge myself, never quit pursuing, and always trust the fundamental tools and techniques learned in this program.

D. Neely

I like this program as everything related back to my construction job. I was able to apply a lot of the things from this program to my actual work. Personal growth is the best part of the program; to challenge yourself and to see the bigger picture is what is important. Completing this program has been a great accomplishment.

G. Perez

Because of this program I am better skilled to evaluate situations, I can apply what I have learned, I can improve my value in the world and make a difference.

R. Hopkins

I shopped around a lot looking for the right program and I always looked at the course descriptions. When I looked at the UAB website, it was like a checklist of what every hiring manager or project manager that I talked to was looking for. I knew that this was going to be a great opportunity for me. Everything that I learned from this program I am applying in my job right now.

D. Mahaffey

Thanks to everyone for helping me expand my knowledge through this program. I have been promoted twice since I began taking classes at UAB and I am looking for one more very soon as I graduate.

J. Spencer

Thanks to this program and thanks to the professors, I have finally gotten the job that I wanted as a project manager with a large construction company. Also, because of the courses and what I learned, I recently even got a big promotion as a manager over the southeast region.

K. Mitchell

I have several friends that already graduated from the program and kept telling me if I wanted to advance my career I needed to do this. I saw the benefits of the program right from the beginning. Thanks to all of the professors for the knowledge that I have received while in the program; I will be sure to tell others.

A. Bass

I was not sure about an online program because I did not want it to be like an independent study course. I thought that this program may be similar to that, but I found out very quickly that just was not the case. We had an interactive live class online every week, talking to the professor and to my classmates. I now have an in-depth understanding of project management and what project managers are responsible for on a daily basis. The courses are set–up to match with real world settings. I know this program will continue to help me in my career.

B. Wise

The online experience (program) was really laid out well and I felt very involved with the classmates and the instructors. I have taken an online degree program before and this one was much better. I also enjoyed Boot Camp, coming to Birmingham, and meeting my classmates and the professors. The knowledge that I received has really helped me in construction. Also, because of this degree program, my company is letting me become more involved with our project management department. I enjoyed the whole experience.

J. Stanton

I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for what I have learned through this program. I spent a lot of time looking at different schools and different programs trying to find one that match my job and my career and this one matched perfectly. Now that it is over and I am done, it was a perfect choice for me. Although it (the program) was not easy, it was worth it.

D. Siegert

The flexibility of this program has helped me tremendously. Dr. H. did a great job of explaining the responsibilities and roles of a project manager, and what is expected from a project manager. He also taught us the individual strengths that you should possess to be a good project manager, and how to manage your time while leading multiple projects. The experience and knowledge (received) will never be forgotten.

R. Applegate

I cannot thank Dr. H and Dianne enough for what you have done for me and allowing me to be part of this program. It is something that I will always speak highly or volumes about to anyone seeking this kind of interest. The online portion of the program was big for me; it allowed me to study on my own time after work and seeing my family, which would not have been possible otherwise.

M. Grice

One of the best classes in the program was the BIM (Building Information Modeling) course. Actually seeing it works was huge. It was a tough class, and I got extra help from a classmate and the professor, but this was one of the best things that I have learned, ever. This program has exposed me to a lot of new concepts, such as risk management techniques, business skills like being able to write a business plan, and how to manage a small business.

J. Holloway

Utilizing the tools that you guys have given us over the past 20 months, it provides me the confidence to make intelligent decisions without second guessing myself.

A. Gaines

After getting caught-up in the housing recession and having to close my business, I needed to reinvent myself. I applied and was accepted into the UAB CEM program. Taking all of these classes and using software like Microsoft Project, Primavera P6, Revit, and Navisworks invigorated me to get back out there. Besides learning a lot, the program built my confidence and I really needed that.

A. Dement

Coming from Hawaii, our resources are bare and I have always wanted to pursue more sustainable green building practices. I really enjoyed the green building course and LEED construction. Our construction and demolition debris goes to the landfill. There is only so much land on our island, so I want to encourage a plan for more recycling. I hope to join a company to help build a better tomorrow.

J. Ascher

I appreciate the diversity in the CEM program. Having the opportunity to work with so many different people, from different walks of life, and in different industries, is a big benefit to the program. I have learned a lot just sharing experiences with my classmates and working together on group projects. This program has definitely benefited me professionally from the start and I am confident that it will continue to grow my career.

K. Lackscheide

Relationship wise, I got to meet a lot of great people through the CEM program, which made it easier because it was like having a good neighbor or a friend when doing the hard (group project) work that we do in this program.

M. Philobos

As a project manager for a highway construction company, my project net margin for 2011 was 1.3%, which was the worst margin for all 18 managers in my company. Because of the studies and the courses we get in this program, my net margin for 2015 was 12.3%. Now, the other project managers are asking what my secret is, and I tell them the knowledge, tools, techniques, and studies from the UAB CEM program.

D. Gregory

Because of the CEM program, I received a really big raise because the company that I worked for could really see the value in me, but it also speaks to the value in the way that I am investing in myself.

N. Dermody

Leaving the military and preparing to return to the civilian construction industry after almost eleven years, I knew that I would need to retool my construction knowledge to be competitive for employment. The CEM program offered the online flexibility that I needed, and it covered the current relevant course material. I now have new tools and resources to help face the challenges required in the construction industry.