J. Cheek

The curriculum is what lead me to choose the UAB CEM program. I was relatively new to the construction industry and felt like an imposter. The very valuable knowledge gained from the classes and from my groupmates have built my confidence.

W. Adebakin

Through the help of all of my professors and departmental staff, I have learned tremendously and it is easy to perceive that you all LOVE what you do at UAB. Thanks a million!

R. Bonner

I wanted to capture an advanced degree because I was recently passed over for a promotion and I wanted to be poised and ready the next time the position becomes available. The trouble was that I was smart enough and could do the work, but I was not formally trained and credentialed. The CEM degree path has bridged the gap and now I can offer real project management solutions and strategies.

C. Robinson

The CEM program paid off dividends from the beginning to the end. After taking only a few classes it opened doors and got me interviews that would have never happened. It has been a good experience for me.

S. McMillan

CEM was a great experience, especially with the opportunity to interact online with the vast differences in classmate ages, job positions, and general locations, as peers are scattered throughout the world. It was beneficial to work with others on group projects that had different educational backgrounds and knowledge in the construction industry.

A. Aragon

The CEM Program has given me the confidence to try, the knowledge and skill set to succeed, the courage to speak up, and the fortitude to make difficult decisions. Because of UAB, I am a better project manager.

S. Gabby

What attracted me to the UAB CEM program was that all ten classes were real-world and relevant. The classes have made me more knowledge, confident, and productive, and I learned current software technology that was not available as an undergraduate.

M. Harris

I learned from the CEM program that we manage processes, but we lead people. We also have a cycle that we go through; we explore, we experiment, and we evolve. The value of that exploration has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone to experiment with more responsibility. I could not have evolved more while at UAB and I owe it all to this program.

R. Lewis

The CEM Program made me work and the professors truly challenged me. Being able to apply what I learned in the classroom into actual practice gives me confidence.

R. Scott

It has not been easy juggling a career, family, personal life, and graduate school, but the CEM program has been very helpful. The commitment from the faculty and staff makes it quite evident why the program is so highly ranked.

M. Davis

The CEM courses quickly improved my construction knowledge, leadership abilities, critical thinking skills, and made me much more confident. The program has been life changing because it ultimately helped me achieve my goal of transitioning into a project manager’s role. I thoroughly believe that it would not have been possible without earning this degree.

F. Toplin

I joined the CEM program to enhance my personal and professional development, and to assume a greater responsibility in my current field. I looked at similar programs from other colleges, but after doing a comparison I decided that the UAB program would better suite me.

N. Dovi

I cannot express how rewarding, yet challenging, the UAB CEM master's program actually is. It has given me the necessary skills to continue to evolve into a progressive forward-thinking project manager and has opened doors for advancement within my organization.

B. Long

I learned that to be competitive in this industry you must obtain degrees and certifications. The CEM degree program was incredible. It is like they took a knife and said we are going to cut out every bit of the fat and only keep what is absolutely practical. It was worth every bit of money that I put into it.

R. Durland

The CEM program offers incredible an immeasurable value. It is not an accident that I am seeing such positive results and opportunities in my career.

L. Robinson

I often felt that I was lacking in construction knowledge and that someone more qualified should have my job. My personal growth and skills learned while in the CEM program has turned me into a new and confident woman in the construction industry, and I am excelling professionally.

K. Wheeler

I loved being in the program at UAB. Although frustrating at times, I do not regret one bit the time and effort and expense I invested in myself. Every single day I use something that I learned from the program.

D. Burgess

All of the courses in the CECM program have real world relevance.

A. Walker

The UAB CEM program has taught me to be a proud woman in construction while working in a male dominated field. Absorbing and applying the knowledge gained within the CEM Program has led me to experience an abnormal acceleration and promotion within my company.

E. Foster

Professionally, the CEM program has launched my career to amazing new heights. I was able to change jobs, acquire new responsibilities, and received several substantial pay raises. This has been an amazing and rewarding experience.

M. Peterson

I knew that earning a master's degree would make me more valuable for my company and within the construction industry.

R. Benevage

I looked at other colleges, but I was sold on UAB after the interview process. Thank you for building such a great program. It met my expectation and I will promote the program every chance I get.

B. Wundrack

Because of the CEM program, I have earned respect, trust, and jump started my construction management career faster than I ever thought possible.

A. Fisher

Because of the classes in the CEM program, I have gained a greater confidence in the work that I do every day. My supervisor would agree, because some of the younger folks in our company are starting the CEM program right now. The results coming out of the program speak for themselves and it is something that they believe in. My advancement in the company would not have been possible without this degree.