M. Harris

I learned from the CEM program that we manage processes, but we lead people. We also have a cycle that we go through; we explore, we experiment, and we evolve. The value of that exploration has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone to experiment with more responsibility. I could not have evolved more while at UAB and I owe it all to this program.

S. Gabby

What attracted me to the UAB CEM program was that all ten classes were real-world and relevant. The classes have made me more knowledge, confident, and productive, and I learned current software technology that was not available as an undergraduate.

F. Toplin

I joined the CEM program to enhance my personal and professional development, and to assume a greater responsibility in my current field. I looked at similar programs from other colleges, but after doing a comparison I decided that the UAB program would better suite me.

S. Twitty

After building houses for several years, I recently applied for a position as an assistant project manager in the commercial construction industry. Without the challenges that the CEM program has given me, I do not feel that I would be prepared for this role. I feel that this degree helps jump start us late bloomers back to the front of the crowd. I would not trade this degree for the world, and it has given me the confidence to compete with the best of the best in the construction industry.

S. Pollard

Approaching graduation, I recently landed a job with a large commercial contracting company, but it was contingent on me completing my UAB degree. These opportunities would not have be possible if not for the CEM program and I am very thankful.

B. Wundrack

Because of the CEM program, I have earned respect, trust, and jump started my construction management career faster than I ever thought possible.

R. Benevage

I looked at other colleges, but I was sold on UAB after the interview process. Thank you for building such a great program. It met my expectation and I will promote the program every chance I get.

D. Burgess

All of the courses in the CECM program have real world relevance.

A. Ogbe

I have been reaping the benefits from this CEM program since the first week. I added the pending UAB degree to my resume and say that action got me a lot of interviews and eventually my new job as a construction supervisor. Outside of the job position and financial benefits, completing this program has given me a great sense of pride.

B. Rechter

The skills that I have learned in this program will definitely help advance my career throughout the company. Thanks to UAB for this wonderful opportunity.

N. Santiny

The CEM program has been the best education that I ever received. What I learned in the classroom and what I was doing on the jobsite went together. The knowledge from this program has exceeded my expectations, but my favorite part was the connections that I made with my classmates during group projects.

S. Knifong-Ryan

Being part of the fully online CEM program allowed me to help my company do business during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was the one in my office giving tutorials about how to run a virtual meeting with cameras and shared computer screens.

C. Robinson

The CEM program paid off dividends from the beginning to the end. After taking only a few classes it opened doors and got me interviews that would have never happened. It has been a good experience for me.

R. Scott

It has not been easy juggling a career, family, personal life, and graduate school, but the CEM program has been very helpful. The commitment from the faculty and staff makes it quite evident why the program is so highly ranked.

T. Yates

I chose the UAB CEM program because it was 100% online, an accredited program, nationally ranked and highly regarded, the curriculum fit my needs, I was impressed with the faculty during my interview, and UAB is a very reputable university. Because of the program, I have increased my salary, have made some great memories, and would not trade the experience for anything.

R. Durland

The CEM program offers incredible an immeasurable value. It is not an accident that I am seeing such positive results and opportunities in my career.

R. Cooper

I really believe that the CEM program played a major part with me getting the company position that I have now. Even though I had only completed a few semesters of classes, pursuing a master’s degree made me stand out above the other candidates.

A. Walker

The UAB CEM program has taught me to be a proud woman in construction while working in a male dominated field. Absorbing and applying the knowledge gained within the CEM Program has led me to experience an abnormal acceleration and promotion within my company.

C. Torres

It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business. Because of this program and having the knowledge and resources from the courses, I feel ready to become an entrepreneur.

M. Peterson

I knew that earning a master's degree would make me more valuable for my company and within the construction industry.

N. Khalili

My studies at UAB have given me a better understanding of construction, increased my confidence, and helped me improve in my career. The CEM program was an important and rewarding experience.

K. Honeycutt

I have been fortunate to find a position that allows me to use and grow my knowledge that I received from this program. It has put me on the fast track to becoming a project manager.

J. Sims

To the entire staff and instructors, you have put together an outstanding program that really translates to the reality of the real world. The information and tools that we received can be put to use today and that is so valuable.

E. Foster

Professionally, the CEM program has launched my career to amazing new heights. I was able to change jobs, acquire new responsibilities, and received several substantial pay raises. This has been an amazing and rewarding experience.