A. Fisher

Because of the classes in the CEM program, I have gained a greater confidence in the work that I do every day. My supervisor would agree, because some of the younger folks in our company are starting the CEM program right now. The results coming out of the program speak for themselves and it is something that they believe in. My advancement in the company would not have been possible without this degree.

M. Peterson

I knew that earning a master's degree would make me more valuable for my company and within the construction industry.

B. Wundrack

Because of the CEM program, I have earned respect, trust, and jump started my construction management career faster than I ever thought possible.

J. Battel

The CEM degree is not just a piece of paper, it represents the knowledge that I have obtained that will change my life forever. I am confident that I now have the necessary skills that gives me a competitive edge to lead, communicate, visualize, and problem solve.

S. Twitty

After building houses for several years, I recently applied for a position as an assistant project manager in the commercial construction industry. Without the challenges that the CEM program has given me, I do not feel that I would be prepared for this role. I feel that this degree helps jump start us late bloomers back to the front of the crowd. I would not trade this degree for the world, and it has given me the confidence to compete with the best of the best in the construction industry.

J. Sims

To the entire staff and instructors, you have put together an outstanding program that really translates to the reality of the real world. The information and tools that we received can be put to use today and that is so valuable.

M. Watkins

If I could speak to anyone considering the CEM program, I would say that a rewarding adventure awaits you.” It can be a humbling and challenging experience, but every step along the way will become well worth the journey. I recently found my dream job with a local general contractor and I found a new (alumni) family within the CEM program.

F. Toplin

I joined the CEM program to enhance my personal and professional development, and to assume a greater responsibility in my current field. I looked at similar programs from other colleges, but after doing a comparison I decided that the UAB program would better suite me.

S. Knifong-Ryan

Being part of the fully online CEM program allowed me to help my company do business during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was the one in my office giving tutorials about how to run a virtual meeting with cameras and shared computer screens.

E. Washington

The CEM program has provided great project management skills and construction knowledge, as I plan my transition from military to civilian life after graduation.

W. Adebakin

Through the help of all of my professors and departmental staff, I have learned tremendously and it is easy to perceive that you all LOVE what you do at UAB. Thanks a million!

R. Durland

The CEM program offers incredible an immeasurable value. It is not an accident that I am seeing such positive results and opportunities in my career.

T. Mize

I have enjoyed my group parings with many of my classmates. I have learned a great deal that will aid my (construction) journey for years to come. I am confident that CEM may be my best career decision.

R. Benevage

I looked at other colleges, but I was sold on UAB after the interview process. Thank you for building such a great program. It met my expectation and I will promote the program every chance I get.

N. Jordan

Every class brought something positive to the table. Having hands-on access to the P6 Scheduling and Building Information Modeling software was just great. The program tested our perseverance and helped build professional character.

T. Yates

I chose the UAB CEM program because it was 100% online, an accredited program, nationally ranked and highly regarded, the curriculum fit my needs, I was impressed with the faculty during my interview, and UAB is a very reputable university. Because of the program, I have increased my salary, have made some great memories, and would not trade the experience for anything.

L. Robinson

I often felt that I was lacking in construction knowledge and that someone more qualified should have my job. My personal growth and skills learned while in the CEM program has turned me into a new and confident woman in the construction industry, and I am excelling professionally.

K. Wheeler

I loved being in the program at UAB. Although frustrating at times, I do not regret one bit the time and effort and expense I invested in myself. Every single day I use something that I learned from the program.

B. Rechter

The skills that I have learned in this program will definitely help advance my career throughout the company. Thanks to UAB for this wonderful opportunity.

M. Thomas

I have currently received three promotions since starting the program and hope to inspire other girls to pursue their dream in engineering.

N. Khalili

My studies at UAB have given me a better understanding of construction, increased my confidence, and helped me improve in my career. The CEM program was an important and rewarding experience.

J. Overton

Thanks to this amazing program, I was just promoted to Civil Engineer I status by the county where I work. One of the best parts of the program are the friends that I have made from the very first group project. We communicate (network) multiple times per day, on weekends and even between terms.

N. Dovi

I cannot express how rewarding, yet challenging, the UAB CEM master's program actually is. It has given me the necessary skills to continue to evolve into a progressive forward-thinking project manager and has opened doors for advancement within my organization.

D. Burgess

All of the courses in the CECM program have real world relevance.