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A. Aragon

The CEM Program has given me the confidence to try, the knowledge and skill set to succeed, the courage to speak up, and the fortitude to make difficult decisions. Because of UAB, I am a better project manager.

A. Meadows

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone at the CECM program for empowering me with the tools to change my life for the better.

D. Henning

As a young project engineer, seeing the CEM classes tie in directly with what I was doing in the field and out on the project site has reaffirmed the decision I made 19-months ago when I joined this program.

C. Robinson

The CEM program paid off dividends from the beginning to the end. After taking only a few classes it opened doors and got me interviews that would have never happened. It has been a good experience for me.

T. Mize

I have enjoyed my group parings with many of my classmates. I have learned a great deal that will aid my (construction) journey for years to come. I am confident that CEM may be my best career decision.

A. Meadows

All of the UAB classes have been very rewarding for me and I have been elevated in my current work position.

E. Scott

This CEM program has really opened up doors for me. Five weeks into the first semester of the program I received a promotion with the county where I work. Since then I have received other promotions where I now manage employees, track equipment and must communicate with a large number of people. I want to thank everyone involved and say that I have enjoyed the ride.

S. Mullane

I am very thankful for my classmates, and for the professors and their professionalism day in and day out. I have been in the military for so many years and the CEM program has certainly set me up for success.

F. Toplin

I joined the CEM program to enhance my personal and professional development, and to assume a greater responsibility in my current field. I looked at similar programs from other colleges, but after doing a comparison I decided that the UAB program would better suite me.

D. Baldwin

After moving to a new state, I was out of work for about a year and could not land a job in construction. After listing the CEM Program on my resume, I interviewed for a Superintendent position, but was hired as a Project Manager. This program has been invaluable and I am seeing the benefits even before graduation.

J. Hanoff

This was a real investment (in myself). There is a great sense of reward to take something that I learned and use it each day. Because of what I have learned in this (CEM) program I had an opportunity to move into a new leadership position. Thank you to our instructors for their patience, their interest, and their desire to really help us grow; it has been fantastic.

E. Mavy

The UAB (CEM) program has been a monumental life changing experience. The teachers have been amazing, the students in group projects are awesome, and I want to thank everyone.

A. Cooley

After leaving the military I knew that a master’s degree would help advance my career even more. This (CEM) program, hands down, has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made as far as helping advance my civilian career. This program helped me learn construction, how to manage people, and how to keep my senior management clearly up to date about our project progress. This program has been absolutely phenomenal and has made me a better person, a better employee and a better asset.

P. Vallee

As a mechanical engineer, I needed to learn more about the business and the contracting side. Because of this (CEM) program I have become more of an asset to my company and for other companies that I may work for in the future”. I now have a better career and a more successful life.

D. Glueck

This experience has been incredibly challenging, but it has made me grow very mentally tough and strong. I have considered obtaining a master’s degree for a long time and joining the CEM program has been one of the best decisions of my adult life. I am very thankful.

T. Robertson

Even with 10 years of construction experience, I could not climb the ladder fast enough with just a bachelor’s degree. Because of this (CEM) program and because of the knowledge that I have acquired from the courses, I have just accepted a position within my company as a project engineer.

B. Hamm

After my first semester at UAB I was hired by a medium size general contractor to do construction field work. Since that time, I have gained a lot of field knowledge and soaked up a lot of class information. Once I graduate, I will be promoted as a project manager. I want to thank the CEM program for such a life changing experience and for opening so many new doors.

M. Abdelziz

I came from Egypt to the U.S. to get out of the oil and gas industry and into general construction. Having no experience in this industry, I searched the internet for training. I joined the UAB (CEM) program because it was different from others and talked about project management, scheduling, estimating, BIM and managerial skills needed in the construction industry. After my second semester I received a job with a heavy civil contractor, and it has been awesome.

H. Vitovsky

The biggest benefit from this CEM program are the (peer) relationships. I am so thankful that I developed those contacts at Boot Camp and continued them during the program. It is so wonderful to have a support system or someone to lean on when you do not understand something. So, thank you to all of my group mates!

A. Aragon

The CEM Program has given me the confidence to try, the knowledge and skill set to succeed, the courage to speak up, and the fortitude to make difficult decisions. Because of UAB, I am a better project manager.