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S. McMillan

CEM was a great experience, especially with the opportunity to interact online with the vast differences in classmate ages, job positions, and general locations, as peers are scattered throughout the world. It was beneficial to work with others on group projects that had different educational backgrounds and knowledge in the construction industry.

H. Robinson

I started the CEM program to expand my career and it has exceeded my expectations. I have gained valuable knowledge from every single course, and it is interesting to see how things that I learned in the classes keeps coming up in everyday life. Earning this degree was a big factor in negotiating my current salary because the amount was more than what the company had budgeted, but they could quickly see the value of this degree.

M. Jafar

The CEM classes are well structured, highly informative, and the instructors are of high caliper. The CEM program administration has been simply amazing because they are so helpful and very responsive.

L. DeClue

I have grown personally and professionally due to this CEM Program and learned that I can push through any challenge, persevere, and accomplish my goals.

S. Prentice

I got exactly what I thought I would from the program and then some. Like my military background, CEM is about discipline, learning, and work ethic, which forced me to be diligent and non-complacent. I am very excited about my future and career opportunities.

S. Gabby

What attracted me to the UAB CEM program was that all ten classes were real-world and relevant. The classes have made me more knowledge, confident, and productive, and I learned current software technology that was not available as an undergraduate.

N. Santiny

The CEM program has been the best education that I ever received. What I learned in the classroom and what I was doing on the jobsite went together. The knowledge from this program has exceeded my expectations, but my favorite part was the connections that I made with my classmates during group projects.

J. Cheek

The curriculum is what lead me to choose the UAB CEM program. I was relatively new to the construction industry and felt like an imposter. The very valuable knowledge gained from the classes and from my groupmates have built my confidence.

W. Robinson

I was recently hired by a very large general contracting company in Texas. They mentioned that the CEM program was an integral part of me being successful as a candidate. In addition, I will receive a pay increase after graduation next month.

E. Foster

Professionally, the CEM program has launched my career to amazing new heights. I was able to change jobs, acquire new responsibilities, and received several substantial pay raises. This has been an amazing and rewarding experience.

N. Pechin

The UAB CEM program has allowed me to grow well beyond my own beliefs, to pass the PMP certification examination, and to advance faster than others in the company. This program provides real value and opportunities.

J. Orr

An older superintendent told me to never stop learning if I wanted to advance in the construction industry. I had years of construction field knowledge, but I did not have much business or office experience. The CEM classes have been fantastic, expanded my knowledge, and also helped me build some outstanding professional contacts and relationships.

M. Davis

The CEM courses quickly improved my construction knowledge, leadership abilities, critical thinking skills, and made me much more confident. The program has been life changing because it ultimately helped me achieve my goal of transitioning into a project manager’s role. I thoroughly believe that it would not have been possible without earning this degree.