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E. Washington

The CEM program has provided great project management skills and construction knowledge, as I plan my transition from military to civilian life after graduation.

J. Depriest

This program has really shown me how to communicate virtually. Attending live online classes, working on online group projects, having Skype conversations and sharing files across the country. This technology has really helped me to communicate better at my job.

K. Griffin

One of the biggest consideration that I had before joining the CEM program was the time and money. I can assure you, for me, this is money and time well spent, and the knowledge gained will continue to pay dividends for the rest of my life.

R. Parmar

Who knew a person from a village in India, who has not studied the English language, would come to the USA and work for a multi-national company. I am very grateful for the knowledge gained from the wonderful UAB CEM program.

S. Glass

The classes have been so beneficial to me and I have really enjoyed the program. I have learned so much, met wonderful people and I have enjoyed being part of the UAB family.

J. Reirson

The information presented through the curriculum is not only educational, but it is very applicable to the daily duties as a project manager.

E. Arias

Because of my construction experience and this CEM program, I feel that it has given me power (knowledge) and that I can handle whatever my boss throws at me.

K. Cherry

My hard work in the CECM program has paid off, because I recently received a promotion where I am the youngest chief of construction for a large government agency in the nation. What takes most people 15-years to achieve, I did in about 8-years. One of the biggest things listed on my resume was this CECM master’s degree program. It has been a complete blessing.

E. Ramsey

This CEM program has been wonderful. I have never done an online program before, but I actually prefer it to a traditional course because you can re-watch the professor’s class lectures as necessary. I recently landed a project management job with a large commercial construction company, and this would not have been possible without having the CEM degree on my resume.

K. Hudgens

This program has taught me how to move forward and succeed no matter what adversity that I might face.

T. Pressede

Thanks for creating such a challenging and useful program.

C. Torres

It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business. Because of this program and having the knowledge and resources from the courses, I feel ready to become an entrepreneur.

R. Sullivan

In the job market, I needed something to make my resume rise to the top and to boost my career. This program has allowed me to work on large commercial projects as a field superintendent.

M. Rocha

I really enjoyed the program. The faculty is just superb and always available for questions and emails. While all of the courses were very good, I really found the group projects to be very helpful. Even though we were in each other presences only once at Boot Camp, the group projects really created a sense of community and network. The relationship and bonding with classmates was great.

P. McManus

This CEM program has been a great benefit to me and will allow me to establish a great construction career.

R. Simon

The program exposed me to a lot of new techniques, software programs and tools to be successful in business and in life.

D. MacMillian

Because of this program, I have gained valuable knowledge, built relationships, turned my weaknesses into strengths, learned to make better decisions, and to grow as a (construction) professional.

R. Benevage

I looked at other colleges, but I was sold on UAB after the interview process. Thank you for building such a great program. It met my expectation and I will promote the program every chance I get.

Y. Hirokawa

This program taught me time management, critical thinking and gave me a different perspective when looking at construction projects. I received book knowledge, could understand it, and apply it at my job. I highly recommend this program for all general contractors.

E. Battaglia

The CEM program and the group assignments have introduced me to people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life.