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T. Lee

The CEM program has been invaluable. The course work provided has proven to be very useful and relevant. It has quickly given me an advantage in my career and earned me a company promotion with a substantial raise. I could not be more thankful.

H. Swords

The CEM concentration certainly met my expectations. The curriculum was geared towards real-world experience, and I was able to gain knowledge using several industry related software programs. I feel like I have grown significantly since the start of the CEM program, and I could not be happier.

J.P. Dobbs

The CEM program came highly recommended by my company and from a work colleague. It has allowed me to flourish in my job by “leaps and bounds” and has exceeded all expectations. Earning this degree has changed my family’s life and I am very thankful.

S. Bready

The UAB CEM program went “above and beyond” my expectations. I liked that the CEM professors seem to have a least a decade or more of relevant high-level knowledge and work experience in the construction and engineering industry. The knowledge that I gained is incredible.

A. Katiyar

The CEM program is very well suited for working professionals. It has made me much more confident, taught me valuable software techniques, as well as much needed soft skills like writing, oral presentations, and time management.

B. Richardson

While nothing can replace on the job work experience, the CEM program has provided me with the opportunity to improve my technical, leadership, and personal development skills. UAB has helped me become a more well-rounded professional and I would recommend this program to anyone looking for growth.

J. Kowalewski

I came into the CEM program thinking that my peers would all have similar backgrounds. However, the diversity of other students, their ages, location, experiences, discipline, and cultural backgrounds, allowed me to learn a lot about different construction engineering viewpoints and ideas.

T. Figueroa

The CEM program is filled with talented students and exceptional professors. The course work was very intriguing, as it taught me how to protect my company, lead effectively, adapt to changing times, and be realistic. I am extremely grateful.

L. Rathburn

The CEM program has exceeded my expectations in terms of academic rigor, new construction trends, practical application, and overall value. One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the networking opportunities gain by collaborating with and learning from the diverse background of my peers.